Apple’s Siri can now read and reply to your WhatsApp messages

Whatsapp Siri Update

You will never have to read your messages again thanks to Whatsapp’s new update. You don’t have to unlock every time because Whatsapp now allows Siri to read your latest messages.

You simply have to turn on Siri and state, “Can you read my latest Whatsapp messages.” The AI assistant will ask for access to Whatsapp data, tap on Yes to allow.

The update will be useful for people who want to keep their hands free such as drivers or people busy in the kitchen. The text in Whatsapp update says, “You can now ask Siri to read your latest messages.”

After you have allowed access to Whatsapp, Siri will read your latest Whatsapp messages and ask if you want to reply. Say Yes and speak the text of your reply, then say Send and the message will be on its way.

There’s currently no news on when the update will available for Android users. Whatsapp has been experimenting a lot as it added the Snap stories features and is rumored to introduce a payment service soon.

To activate the new feature you’ll need to be running Apple’s iOS 10.3 software as well as having updated the WhatsApp app to its latest version.

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