iPhone7 and 7 Plus in Pakistan

iPhone 7’s journey in Pakistan starts from the first day of November 2016 with the pre-booking of the smartphone, which leads to its official launch on 11th November 2016. The smartphone is distributed nationwide by Future Tech, a subsidiary of Advance Telecom which is the leading distributor of mobile and smartphone in Pakistan.

The statistics claim that 105 iPhone 7 were activated on the day of its launch. Those phones included the pre-booked orders from the customers. By 23rd November 2016 approximately 750 iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have been sold by telecom operators in Pakistan, 450 units sold through stores and 800 units sold through channels.

Of all the latest Apple’s smartphones sold in Pakistan, 30% were iPhone 7 Plus and 70% consists of iPhone 7. With the statistics mentioned above, it can be seen that on average 70 iPhones were sold per day since its launch here in Pakistan.

The iPhones that are sold in the country are not always from the verified sources. According to a source in the market, 80% of iPhones sold in Pakistan are smuggled into the country.

80% of iPhones sold in Pakistan are smuggled into the country.

Whereas the rest 20% sold are from official distributors and channels.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Graph
iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Sold in Pakistan

The iPhones that are brought illegally in Pakistan provides the user with an advantage in the name of a price reduction but harms the overall economy of a country. The smartphone that is smuggled doesn’t pay taxes to the government and thus a lot of revenue, generated through taxes is lost to the country. Also, it demeans the whole industry that pays its dues to the society and discourages healthy competition in the telecom sector.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has been combating with these issues for a long time and needs reliable measures to ensure the surge in the purchase of Apple smartphones that were brought into the country legally. Ministry of Information Technology along with the customs officials in Pakistan also need to put a strong plan in place to combat this evil.


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