Apple to use “Tap-to-Wake” feature on its iPhone 8

Apple iphone 8

Apple will unveil its iPhone 8 this year and as the rumors suggest the company is reportedly working to introduce a new option on this device, but we should wait for the confirmation. iPhone 8 will get a Tap-to-Wake option, which is currently under development.

Interestingly, the Android smartphones already come with the Tap-to-Wake feature and now Apple has also decided to use it on its next iPhone device. However, the other two devices iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, which are also expected to be launched this year will not come with this feature.

Some other rumors that are popping up on the social media are that iPhone 8 will pack a chip that would enhance the speed of charging. The company is also reportedly working on wireless charging technologies. This device will come with an OLED display, which will allow the users to experience High-Definition (HD) quality photos and video clips.

Apple will bring this device in September and only then we will know what kind of features this smartphone will exactly boast. This phone will show the notifications on the lock screen, and the users will not have to unlock it to see the latest updates, but currently, these features are not confirmed from Apple.

We have been hearing the rumors regarding the specifications of Apple iPhone 8 for many months. Back in November, it was reported that this smartphone will pack 3D camera to recognize the physical objects and it will also support the Augmented Reality (AR) features.

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