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Apple has decided to integrate the Augmented Reality (AR) into the camera app for iPhone. Moreover, the company has the plan to hire some more AR experts. It is possible that the next iPhone will come with the AR camera.

With the addition of the AR technology in the camera app of iPhone, the company says that the users will be able to point their device at a real-world object and have the camera identify it.

By integrating AR technology into the iPhone’s camera app, Apple wants consumers to be able to point the device at a real-world object and have it be recognised, according to a person familiar with the matter. That would require designing or license a database of 3D objects.

Just recently, it was reported that Apple is working on a set of smart glasses, which would use the AR technology. The company says that AR technology is more advanced than the VR, but currently, people are taking an interest in the VR headsets.

The implementation of this technology in the camera app will allow the users to recognise and manipulate people’s faces.

Apple says that it has a team of researchers working for the development of the AR. The company sees a great commercial opportunity in the AR, and it hopes that its customers will be increased following the release of the AR-based products.


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