Apple to turn your iPhone into a Macbook

Apple iPhone Macbook
Image Source: Forbes

Apple has always tried to convince users about its different operating systems their individual efficiencies in the iPhone and the Mac. In the recent years, Apple has provided some of the iOS features in the MacOS and vice versa.

Most recently Apple is looking to further blur the lines between both the operating systems as a patent named “Electronic Accessory Device” suggests that the upcoming iPhones or iPads might power the MacBook of the future.

Pictures suggest the iPhone/iPad will reside inside the laptop-like accessory enabling it to work much like the Mac.

The benefits of such a device cannot be categorized just yet as we don’t know what kind of hardware the real product will come with. The rising power of processing chips by Apple suggests that such an accessory could be possible in the near future.

The new accessory would provide a bigger touchscreen, more battery life, enhanced GPU performance and a physical keyboard. The patent has made it very clear that the accessory will not run independently and will need and iPhone/iPad CPU to power it.

Considering the very different nature of iOS and MacOS and Apple’s plans to bring the two closer, we can hope that we will see more MacOS features in the iOS.

Apple is not first to introduce such a technology as Motorola and Asus have tried to bring such smartphone accessories in the market while the upcoming Galaxy S8 will introduce a dock that will turn your phone into a desktop computer.

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