Asgardia, the Mythical Home of Thor will soon be a Reality

Asgardia concept art

The world of Science has taken a toll and it fervently seems to turn the very common phrase, “I am leaving this Planet Earth,” into a reality.

Asgardia, officially known as the first official space Kingdom, has announced that it will be a pioneer of first Space Nation by starting a life there.

Asgardia is named after the ancient Norse mythological city of gods, Asgard. The naming of the first space nation Asgardia is designed to preach the realization of man’s eternal dream to leave the Earth and expand into the Universe above and beyond all the imaginations.

The missionary of the idea, Dr. Ashurbeyli proposed the eccentric and intellectual idea to harmonize the new nation with, peace, technology, law, and philosophy, altogether.

Recruiting of Asgardians

To build the first-ever mythical but real Space Nation, the non-profit organization has started recruiting citizens, almost   205,563 earthlings from 200 countries have signed the agreement to be an Asgardian, though, Dr. Igor has plans to recruit 500,00 individuals.

Moreover, the foundation has also blueprinted a code of conduct ─ a mini government of their own to regulate the life at the Alien Nation. However, the constitution is under the process to be endorsed by the UN.


Asgardia; First Space Nation
Image Source: Asgardia/NearSpace Launch, Inc.

Meanwhile, the approval is authorized, Asgardia is planning to launch its first satellite, Asgardia-1 into space.

The living brain worm Dr, Igor states, “Asgardia-1 will mark the beginning of a new space era, taking our citizens into space in virtual form, at first.”

The satellite will be engineered by Indiana-based company NearSpace Launch. The miniature CubeSat satellite will be capable of storing private data of space by 512 GB.

Jeffrey Manber, CEO of satellite company, NanoRacks, during the press briefing on June 13 in Hong Kong, said, “the first presence of the Asgardian nation, we can now say, will be in space this year.” In addition, he added that the mini spaceship will become the most prevailing idea ever.

Also,  Asgardia-1 would be launched to space through a NASA-funded mission. Do you know that NASA has discovered more than hundred Earth-like stars?

There are difficulties too!

Ashurbeyli’s Aerospace International Research is potentially the foremost investor and funding force behind the gigantic project. Although, many other undercover organizations are also funding this project.

The problem lies with legal, political and ethical consideration of the creation of this dream world. However, everything is valid and under the process of approval.

The other basic hurdle is associated with the launching of Asgardia-1 spacecraft which needs a lot of hard work and long sheets of deliberate planning.

No matter what it seems to be an everlasting invention where initially people will face problems to initiate a life in space but gradually they will make their own ways and rules, stated by Asgardia’s founding member Ram Jakhu.

He further added that whenever you plan out on a lunatic mission people never leave a chance to ridicule your idea, while many are making quick predictions that the plan will soon flutter and collapse because there is less funding, will of manpower, the dedication of experts and motivation.

Jhaku explaining the ideology said that Asgardians are not discouraged by the naysayers because the Science fiction will soon turn into a Science fact derived from mind-boggling ideas.

We officially live in the magnificent times where everything that was once a part of fiction is now a reality. So we hope this ecstatic dream comes trueas well.

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  1. Great idea, of course. However, when the Asgardia Facebook page posts that the more “likes” you get, the higher the status you earn in this venture, you are bound to not be taken seriously.

    Who wants to live in a society where one’s worth is measured by their social media presence, and where “trendsetters” are placed higher on the social ladder than “strategists”?! Not I, and not anyone I would care to coexist in close quarters with. Why would an innovative space colony have a need for “debutante’s”?! That sounds like living in a real-life Facebook – no thanks! 😀

    Where did the desire for intellect and philosophy go?

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