Atlas Honda increases bike prices

Atlas Honda has increased the prices of three models of its motorcycles from Tuesday by Rs. 500 – Rs. 1000 which are applicable from 1st January 2018.

The new prices are:

  • Honda CG-125 Rs. 107,500
  • Honda CG-125 Delux Rs. 126,500
  • Honda 100cc Pridor Rs. 87,000

Atlas Honda has yet to give any explanation and reason for the said move and why the prices of other models were left unchanged.

Recently, Pak Suzuki and Indus Motors also increased the prices of its vehicles owing to the devaluation of Pakistani currency against the dollar. We can assume that Atlas Honda had the same reason to increase the prices of its motorcycles.

The auto industry in Pakistan is more susceptible to price hike while facing devaluation of the rupee is because of the fact that most of the raw materials included in creating the automobiles are imported from other countries which become expensive when rupee’s value falls against other major currencies of the world.

The company witnessed pretty good sales last year. According to Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association, it sold 454,195 bikes in July-November 2017 as compared to 374,558 units the same period in the previous year.

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