Allied Bank ATM

Have you ever dreamed of a situation where money is flowing from the ATM and they aren’t being deducted from your bank account? For me, it will never turn into a reality but for a few lucky souls, Eid has come early this year as we recently came across this video where customers are receiving¬†double cash on withdrawing cash.

Behold an ATM that is giving away Rs. 500 extra on its every transaction, granted that you are withdrawing Rs. 500 from it. This cool machine belongs to Allied Bank and is reportedly located outside Federal Urdu University.

The discovery was made by a few guys who couldn’t contain their surprise and wonder and shared this hidden gem with the rest of the Pakistanis. It is likely that someone from the bank screwed up or there was something wrong with the ATM leading to its mis-dispensing of cash.

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From the looks of it, the machine is most likely the Double Shah of ATMs which promises a double return on investment put is most likely coming with a few strings attached. Whenever a transaction is made on an ATM, the bank does get notified so it may be possible that Allied Bank will claim the extra free money awarded to the customers.

This is not the first time an ATM has given double or free money to people as there are various such cases where people received double money on cash withdrawal. One of the most interesting

One of the most interesting cases of ATM blunder happened in May 2012 in the UK where the bank let the customers keep the money as the Bank’s machine was at fault.

It will be interesting to see how Allied Bank will deal with this situation and we will surely love to hear from the bank about the complete situation and whether it has been fixed yet or not.


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