Why all ATM PINs have only four digit codes?

ATM PINs history

Four-digit ATM PINs are being used since the ATM was invented. You might have wondered why the PIN codes assigned to the ATM cards always comprise of only four digits. Although small codes are easier to remember, some criminal minds can guess these numbers without any difficulty. The tradition of using the four-digit ATM PINs is not just an incidence; there is a whole lot of story behind it.

As some of you might already know, John Adrian Shepherd-Barron, a British businessperson, and inventor created the De La Rue Automated Cash System (DACS), which is now known as Automated Teller Machine (ATM). He decided to use a 6-digit PIN for the ATM cards.

The first person on earth to use the ATM was Caroline, Barron’s wife. However, she did not like the idea of using a 6-digit PIN code. She told Barron that she could only remember the first four numbers of the PIN. So, Barron decided to use a four-digit PIN code. Soon, it became the world standard, and no one got interested in changing this tradition.

The people who cannot remember more digits should thank Caroline for suggesting a four-digit password. While on one hand, these small codes are easy to remember, on the other the ATM frauds are on the rise in the country because of them, but you can always use these tips for securing your ATM.

4 digits ATM PINs are secure?

Recently, FIA detained an ATM scammer from Islamabad who was using illegal instruments for gaining the unauthorized access to ATMs. He used to install spy cameras on different ATMs in the city for capturing the PIN codes. He is also an expert in creating the fake ATM cards.

A similar case was reported in Lahore two months ago where the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested a member of a gang that was involved in fixing the spy cameras and scanners on the ATMs. Many citizens lost millions of rupees because of this gang.

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