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Are you a skeptical boss who want to monitor every activity of your staffers? Say hurry! Because now you can monitor your employee’s phone and can listen to their personal calls as well.

A Russian security firm, InfoWatch, has developed a technology that allows companies to monitor mobile calls made on the company premises. This tool can be very beneficial for government agencies, banks trying to prevent leaks of confidential information.

The technology is legal in Russia and has been used by secret services or the military in certain countries. Natalya Kaspersky, chief executive officer of InfoWatch, said their breakthrough is in applying these technologies for corporate security.

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While on one side, this technology helps employers to cope industrial espionage, on the other it is likely to fuel the global debate about data privacy. In some countries, InfoWatch and its clients risk getting sued by the workers who are not in favor of the boss monitoring their calls.

This technology may become a hot ticket for any company seeking to protect its commercial secrets,” said Gorodetskiy, an analyst at research Gartner. “But it can’t be rolled out in markets where it may trigger court claims.”

InfoWatch said their technology doesn’t compromise privacy because initial screening is done by computers that analyze calls and scan them for keywords. The security personnel will only interfere if there is a cause for concern.

The company already sells technology for monitoring landline phones, e-mails, and instant messaging applications, and have earned revenue of 1.1 billion last year. Its products allow companies to inspect information transmitted via corporate e-mail, instant messages, file-sharing applications, and Skype.


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