Balochi Multimedia website or Cyber War by All India Radio?

Cyber war

All India Radio has announced to start a Balochi Multimedia website and a related mobile app on Friday, BBC Urdu reports. It is pertinent to note here that the radio channel of India already broadcasts a one hour program in Balochi language on Short view. Considering the new policy of India about its stance on Balochistan, the attempt can lead to a possible cyberwar.

Apparently, All India Radio has denied any intentions to use the new Internet media portals for propagating anti-Pakistan agenda in Balochistan and according to BBC Pakistan; All India Radio has taken this step just to extend a new program that intends to promote languages through technology. The foreign services of All India Radio have already launched 12 such apps.

In response to the Pakistan’s stance on the human rights violation in Indian-held Kashmir, India has raised the matter of Baluchistan in United Nations. In a meeting of Human Rights Council in Geneva, Indian ambassador responded by explaining the Indian stance and accusing Pakistan of human rights violation in Balochistan.

Baluchistan is a less developed province of Pakistan but still the population has access to smartphone technology and internet. If Pakistan wants to counter this perceived cyber war from India, then it has to launch its media portals not only in Balochi language but also in other regional languages.

Despite the fact that Indian Radio has denied the link of this development with new Indian stance on Balochistan, the news leaves many concerns for Pakistan.

Many reasons pave the way for such concerns.

Firstly, the new Indian position on Balochistan is clearly against the interest of Pakistan’s regional stability. After Indian government made Balochistan a part of its foreign policy, Indian media has broadcasted interviews of many Bloch Nationalist leaders along with analyses on Balochistan.

Secondly, the power of social media and the internet has become much stronger in spreading a demagogue, that it can easily influence masses. We had witnessed the wrath of social media just recently when Turkish people made a coup of toppling Erdogan’s regime unsuccessful. This strength of social media has not appeared for the first time. Earlier we have also seen world’s leaders kneeling in front of this more aggressive medium

Another example is there in the form of Facebook’s response to the picture that depicted children fleeing the Napalm attack during Vietnam. After the Facebook had taken off that picture on charges of nudity, Mark Zuckerberg earned the title of “Most Powerful Editor.” This incident proves information technology to be the strongest way to influence and propagate.

In case, the attempt by Indian Radio appears to be cyber war; then Pakistan will also have to use information technology to communicate its agenda.

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