Bangladesh declares Uber as illegal; warns people to stop using this service

Uber Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) has said that Uber is illegal and has warned the Uber drivers and clients to stop using this service.

According to the details, just three days after launching in Dhaka, this online taxi service has been declared illegal in Bangladesh by the authority. While talking to a newspaper Dhaka Tribune, the director BTRA said, “this online service violates the taxicab policy of Bangladesh A company needs to take permission from the BRTA before running a taxi service, but Uber did not before its launch. Therefore we declared the service illegal by publishing a notice in different newspapers.”

The authority has published the notices in different newspapers against Uber. In many countries, this online taxi booking service is very popular, and people use this service because it provides the cheaper transport to them. But, in Bangladesh, it has been declared illegal.

Moreover, the BRTA has said that if anyone was found using this taxi app, he/she would be punished. In Bangladesh, this online taxi app was started on Tuesday, and it had promised the “safe, reliable and affordable rides.” Uber has not yet commented on this ban.

In Pakistan, the online taxi app has recently launched its rickshaw hailing service “UberAuto”, and it now allows the people to book a rickshaw easily. The online taxi service has provided an option on its app for booking the rickshaws.

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