The Bank of Punjab partners with Inov8 Limited to start mobile banking app

Bank of Punjab Inov8 Limited app

The Bank of Punjab (BOP) has started a mobile banking app in collaboration with the Inov8 Limited.

With the idea of providing the multi-channel banking to its customers, the Bank of Punjab has taken a step of offering the modern mobile banking services to its clients. Based on the FalconPay platform of the Inov8, the services of this app will be available on both the iOS and Android-based smartphones.  The introduction of the mobile banking services is a milestone in the digitisation drive of the Bank of Punjab.

The President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the BOP, Mr Naeemuddin Khan, stated,  “this mobile app will open a new chapter in the lives of our customers.”

Group Head, Retail Finance. Mr Ahmad Shah Durrani said that the launch of the mobile banking services is a step towards providing the high-quality digital banking services to our customers. Inov8 Limited’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO Bashir Sheikh said, “Inov8 is proud to offer its services to the Bank of Punjab.”

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A lot of banks are launching their mobile banking apps because using the banking services on the smartphone is more reliable and convenient. People can transfer the funds easily via smartphones, without going to the bank. Moreover, the mobile apps save a lot of time for the customers.

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