Lahore Basant Facebook event misdirect people to Obscene Page

Fake Facebook Basant

Are you a resident of Lahore and nostalgic about the days when you could have a blast (not literally) celebrating Basant? Do you sometimes listen to the old Basant songs to reminiscence how fun you used to have (despite the unfortunate accidents it caused)? If yes, then you’ve got a sympathizer in me but before you start dancing at any event of Facebook make sure it’s a legit one.

Think I’m just blabbing around? Check out this Facebook event page named: Basant Festival Lahore 2017.

Basant Facebook page
Basant Festival Facebook Event Page

In a first glance, it seems normal, hell exciting that FINALLY there will be an event with people and kites and god old fashioned bhangra. You look at the people interested in this event are around 7400, and 1900 are on the going list (some of them might be your friends). But if you look up close it’s rather a funny incident and doesn’t worry I’ll walk you through it.

The first step: go to the event page that is being shown above. Secondly, click place your mouse over the Tickets available section and check out the URL of the site it will take you to.

Basant Facebook Tickets
URL of the Admin Page

Still not satisfied, click the glorious tickets section and voila, you’re now directed to the host Facebook page.

Fake facebook Event
The Admin Page of Basant Facebook Event

The page named “Full Time Masti” has around 124K likes and has a 4.1 rating. Feel free to be a creep and stay on the page (like you weren’t thinking of that already).

Facebook Event host page
Content on the Admin Facebook Page

You have been duped

Well there you have it, you’ve been duped. Now feel free to judge yourself or anyone else for that matter because we are one big hypocrite and intolerant society. We would love to shout “kill them all” but when it comes to one’s own self would love to be a pervert with the anonymity that social media now provides. We are the one who calls them gross, and I think among us are the people who love to get regular updates from such pages. So skip Basant and just travel to the city because; its LAHORE folks.

We keep on hearing that how PTA is blocked more than 400,000 websites for objectionable material, making sure that there are no vulgar pages operating but here on Facebook this guy’s business is booming. It’s not just the sad sap that is running this page but, there are many hundreds and thousand of pages available to people on Facebook where displaying such vulgar content get them business from the social media.

Such practice of creating a Facebook event is an indirect marketing of the admin page where thousands of people will be lured to click on it, and some or many might decide to stay a while. Behind the premise of a cultural event, the admin is misdirecting people and unless he or she is two years old or less is very much aware of what they’re doing.

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