Talking about accessories for the car we do not mean the most elegant keychain or the most innovative mobile holder. The essential car accessories that every good Pakistani driver should have in their car and are those tools that will always get you out of trouble when it comes to solving a problem.

It is worth mentioning that we are not talking about the mechanical kit, but about those things that always help when it comes to emergencies. Whether you are on a long road trip or just commuting to work, these accessories will surely save you a lot of time and money.

A flashlight

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It is an essential accessory. It will help you find “lost” objects in the trunk, and it will give you light when you need to see what has happened under the hood. Imagine finding a nail in the dark! Yes, many phones have a flashlight app, but a good rechargeable flashlight – with powerful LED lighting – is much more useful: you may not have a battery in your phone. It will also be an indispensable ally in rural or very dark areas. You do not want to step on a puddle, garbage or animal droppings.

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher
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It can help you put out any fire and not wait for your car to be engulfed in flames. I have seen many cars on highway and motorway wholly burnt down. If you carry a small extinguisher with you can put off the fire as soon as it starts, saving your whole car.

Imagine you are driving on a stranded road and all of a sudden you witness fire under the bonnet. Now, what will you do? Call Highway Police? Or find some mud around? If you have a fire extinguisher with you, it will just take a couple of minutes and a few sprays. A small fire extinguisher costs no more than Rs. 300.


yoga mat
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When the tires strike, or we have to lie down on the floor to check the origin of a sound, the idea is to have a mat that helps us not to dirty our clothes and be more comfortable. Yoga mats sold in supermarkets are a great option because they are inexpensive, they shake easily and do not weigh.

First aid kit

Vehicle First Aid kit
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What should go inside this kit is strips, gloves, tweezers to extract small splinters, bandages, scissors, any antiseptic like pyodine, anti-allergy, painkillers, and some antibiotics. If you plan to take this, take it seriously and go to a first aid course. It will surely help you to save your’s or someone’s life while on the road. Also, remember that these things expire and you have to replace them.


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While on a long trip, you might not find petrol pumps frequently. So its good to have a jerrycan with petrol. Moreover, sometimes you need water to cool your radiator or fill it with some water. So better be prepared than sorry, you should have 2 to 3 bottles of water (1.5-liter capacity) in your trunk or under the seat.

Rope and Battery Jumper Cable

jumper cable
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You should be having a tow rope so that if a car breaks down, you can pull it to a nearby mechanic with the help of passerby vehicle. Also, make sure that you always have a jumper cable so you can jump-start your battery if it dies on the road.

Adhesive tape

adhesive tape
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As ordinary as it may look, an adhesive tape can save you a lot of trouble. I often find drivers without this thing, which should be in any glove box. You can use plastic tape to cover any recently joined wires or even use it to temporarily fix any part inside the cabin that is vibrating and causing annoying noise.

Small Tool Kit

tool box
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Yes, we know that your car has a tool kit but is it enough? Not at all. Buy a small tool kit that has various sizes of screwdriver tips and pliers. Its one of the most useful car accesssories.

A wire and few Fuses

fuse box
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Every car has single or multiple fuse boxes that control electric components in the vehicle. For example you horn or radiator fan has a dedicated fuse and relay inside fuse box. Due to any malfunction, a fuse can break. So carry different fuses and copper wire with you for any such mishap.

Ballpoint pen and paper

Yes, these simple items must be inside your glove box. If your cell’s battery dies and you want to note a contact number, where will you write it and how? Sometimes you need to leave a note for the driver of the wrongly parked car, so that he may correct himself next time. Grab your pen, write a note and place it below the windscreen wipers.

Tire Inflator

tire inflators
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This is the only thing here that can cost you more than Rs. 1000 but mind it, Its a hell of a product. If you are stranded somewhere and don’t have any spare tire with your like in Honda Vezel or say your spare tire is already punctured. What about ladies? Most of them are not physically capable of changing a tire. A tire inflator can take you to a nearby tire shop, and you can then ask them to fix your time.

It’s an always populating article, so do pay a frequent visit and check out what’s new in the car accessories market for you. Meanwhile, take a look at myths Pakistani drivers have with cars.