Battery explosion incidents: Samsung recalls 2.5 million Note 7 devices

Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7

Earlier, we reported that Samsung had suspended the worldwide shipments of its latest flagship Galaxy Note 7 device after at least two of Note 7 units were exploded while charging.

Earlier, it was speculated that it might be the issue with the charger, and the customers might have been charging the devices with the third-party chargers. But now, the South Korean smartphone manufacturer has officially confirmed that the issue was not with the charger but with the batteries provided with the units.

Reportedly, there have been 35 cases worldwide, where the users have complained that their newly purchased Galaxy Note 7 devices mysteriously exploded while charging.

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The company stated that it is currently conducting a thorough inspection with its suppliers to identify the possible affected batteries in the market. Moreover, Samsung has recalled all 2.5 million sold devices and offered a replacement to its customers. The main reason behind the company’s decision to replace the devices is that the Note 7 features a non-removable battery. Hence, it is not possible for the company to provide an alternate battery quickly.

Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer with 26% market share in the smartphone industry, and this embarrassing fault will surely hurt the company.

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After the media stories about Note 7 explosion were confirmed,  the company’s shares have fallen by 2.04% to a two-week low of 1,587,000 won yesterday.

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