Be careful while downloading documents on WhatsApp

Hackers distributing virus on WhatsApp

Be careful while downloading the documents on WhatsApp, the hackers have found a new way to steal your bank account information using this messaging app. They are using this app to distribute viruses and infected software to the smartphones.

According to the details, the cyber criminals are using Word documents to send viruses to the people. When a user receives these documents and he tries to open them, the sensitive information like bank account details and passwords of the user are sent to the hackers.

Some WhatsApp users are saying that their smartphone was infected with the virus after receiving a PDF file while some are claiming that they received this virus through an Excel or a Word document.

According to the experts, the users should avoid downloading the files that they receive from unknown numbers on WhatsApp. Moreover, it is also recommended to install an antivirus app on your smartphone if you want to protect your device from this hack.

Just a few months ago, WhatsApp introduced the document sharing feature on its app as a part of its version update so that the users can share their Word documents and PDF files with their friends or coworkers. But, the hackers are now using this feature to distribute the viruses to the users.

Last year, an Android malware disguised as WhatsApp targeted millions of users and stole their personal details like bank data, passwords etc.

Back in July 2016, 190 Android applications were removed by Google from its Play Store after a Russian anti-malware company, Dr.Web discovered malware in these apps and reported them to the management of Google.

Not only WhatsApp gets infected with the viruses, but the Telegram Messenger also has some vulnerabilities. In June 2016, Iranian hackers found a security flaw in this messaging app, they said that they were able to bombard the users with a large number of text messages, breaking the specified limit of Telegram.

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