Best Buy Mall: Buy groceries & medicines online during quarantine days

COVID19 has changed the way we shop for groceries and other household products. It is highly advised these days to avoid trips to supermarkets and public places. Where it is necessary to minimize outside trips, it’s a need to get food and supplies. A safe option to bring all essentials at home during this pandemic is an online shopping in Pakistan. There is a decent number of online supermarkets and shopping malls that are delivering groceries to doorstep. One of the top online shopping malls in Pakistan is Best Buy Mall, which is one of the best hyperlocal platforms.

During this challenging time, Best Buy Mall is delivering all groceries, medicines, pet foods, and essentials at customers’ doorstep. This online shopping mall connects local retailers and sellers of various products in a specific region with millions of local customers. Having thousands of products available at its online shopping portal, it lets you do online grocery shopping in Pakistan by choosing from a wide variety of products offered by local shops and stores in your region.

Online Grocery Shopping in Pakistan During Corona Pandemic

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The best way to shop during the Corona period is to plan ahead of your schedule. Make a list of essential items, so you don’t need to shop too often and follow these tips:

Buy in Bulk

There are many food items that you can buy in bulk and store in your kitchen pantry. From dry food items such as pulses, grains, spices to cooking essentials, you can purchase all products smartly. If you have a good budget, you can buy in bulk for 2-3 weeks and stockpile in your kitchen.

Know What to Freeze

Take a look into your refrigerator and carefully observe which items are out of stock. The Fresh Food Store at Best Buy Mall provides you fresh Milk, Yoghurt, butter, and other dairy products. Apart from dairy products, you can buy fresh meat of all types, including mutton, beef, fish, and chicken from Best Buy Mall.

Buy Medicines

As the situation of coronavirus is serious, it’s better to have all first aid products and medicines at home. By using Best Buy Mall’s app, you can buy medicines online in Pakistan. But if you want to buy other first-aid medication, you need to share your doctor’s prescription.


Whether you go for online grocery shopping in Pakistan or you go to buy medicines online in Pakistan, do it with great care and follow essential precautions. For example, before you put your groceries or medicines inside, use gloves to grab it from the rider and sanitize it or use disinfecting spray or clean with a wipe. You should touch the packet as little as possible. If you have bought fruits and vegetables, wash it with warm water before storage and usage.

In addition to that, you must wash your hands regularly and do not touch your face, also practice social distancing as anyone may carry the virus.

Best Buy Mall has extraordinary services in Bahawalpur city and has set up a branch in DHA Lahore. They plan to launch in Lahore within the next week or so.

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