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On Black Friday 2016, major e-Commerce stores in Pakistan are offering massive discounts on a lot of products. Not only mobile phones and laptops are being offered at discounted prices, but also there are great deals available for home appliances.

The home appliances are the essential electronic machines and almost every house in Pakistan has at least one washing machine, TV, or any other electronic item. If you are still using the old home appliances, then there is a great chance for you to upgrade your electronic items on this year’s Black Friday. Below, you can find some of the best deals for the home appliances on Black Friday 2016.


Shophive provides the latest products at the cheapest prices in Pakistan. The shopping store is celebrating the Black Friday 2016 and is offering massive discounts on different items. Shophive is offering some discounts on the home appliances as well, and below are a few of their best deals:

  • Delonghi Electric Oil Heater Rs. 17,999 Rs. 12,999
  • Kenwood Refrigerator KRF-332F Rs. 40,999 Rs.32,799
  • Haier HRF-195 Golf Rs. 32,499 Rs. 24,999
  • Panasonic TH-32D310M  Rs 24,599 Rs 20,500
  • Eco Star CX-24U521  Rs 17,499  Rs 14,199


On Black Friday 2016, Daraz.Pk is offering a significant discount of up to 40% on the large home appliances, and 60% on the small home appliances. Check the following:

  • Enviro Fan Heater Rs.990 Rs. 1,400
  • Haier-HSU 12LK Split AC 1.0 Ton Rs. 29,499 Rs.38,699
  • Ken-Star Instant Gas Water Heater Rs. 6,235 Rs. 87,999


Now, you can get a significant discount of up to 85% on the consumer electronic products. This Black Friday, MyGerrys promises you to offer the best deals for this kind of products. For your pleasure, we have mentioned a few of them:

  • Kenwood Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Rs. 13,499 Rs. 19,000
  • Homage Water Dispenser Rs. 15,939 Rs. 19,000
  • Jackpot JP7991 Washing Machine Rs. 9,200 Rs.12,500


Up to 80% discount is being offered by the iShopping e-Commerce store. So, if you don’t like to purchase your favorite products from Daraz or MyGerrys, then iShopping would be a good option for you as it is offering significant deals on home appliances as well. Check out these three as examples:

  • Hitachi Air Purifier – Rs. 31,899 Rs. 34,899
  • Gree Split Air Conditioner – Rs. 40,499 Rs. 44,499
  • Magic Water Dispenser – Rs. 22,499 Rs. 26,899


Yayvo.com is presenting the huge deals for home appliances on this year’s Black Friday. They are providing a discount of up to 40% on the home appliances. Here are a few:

  • Halogen Heater AG-5003 Rs. 2,660 Rs. 3,150
  • Super Asia Electric Heater Rs. 1,585 Rs. 2,499
  • National White Fan Heater Rs. 2,160 Rs. 2,799


If you are not a big fan of Yayvo, Daraz, and other favorite online shopping stores, then you should check out Zambeel, which is also offering many discounts on different items on Black Friday. Below are three examples:

  • 4 IN 1 Mini Sewing Machine Satin Linen Rs. 3500 Rs.2899
  • LIDO Rechargeable Fan Rs. 7975 RS. 10,000
  • Mini air conditioner fan (White) Rs. 1950 Rs. 2500

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