There are thousands of Android games on Play Store in almost every genre imaginable. Many games need a strong and stable internet connection to work, which renders them useless where we don’t have any internet access. Online games have a tendency to annoy and irritate you with their popping ads and frame drops in case of fluctuating connection.

This brings us to the games that can be played offline. Most of us don’t want to lose our precious mobile data merely for a game or whenever there is low connectivity, you can fall back to offline games.

Here is our comprehensive list of best offline android games from various genres that you can download for free and play anywhere, anytime without an internet connection.

Action Games

Action Games

Action games are always popular on all platforms. They get your blood pumping and your fingers moving fast with an urge to smash your phone into the wall when you get killed in the game. There is a variety of such games out there but here are our top picks in this category.

Critical Ops

It is a first-person shooting game and requires a lot of precision and focus. It is based on the modern inference where you can either play as terrorists or counter terrorists and has the best graphics in its category. The game also offers online multiplayer mode.

It is currently free but in developmental stages which means even though the game is one of the best out there, it will still get better in the days to come. The in-app purchases enhance your customization and are not mandatory for the gameplay.

Shadow Fighter 2

Shadow Fighter 2 is a popular entry in the list. It mixes Role Playing with Classical fighting, and the result is a highly addictive game with smooth graphics. Your character can be equipped with numerous lethal weapons that are used along with martial art techniques.

Also, you can journey through 6 different worlds with a customized fighter, and all this amalgamated in an immersive storyline.

Overkill 3

This game is another marvel of audio-visual spectacle. As the name suggests, it the game of evil faction forces and their brutal killing machines.

The gameplay is pretty fast-paced and your achievement in the game is rewarded by overkill medals, equipment and gear and by offering a variety of guns. Every level challenges you by providing exclusive difficulties and complications.

In multiplayer, the game focuses not to low down the heat between you and your partner so it offers the chat facility to tease your enemies and discuss strategies.

Major Mayhem 2

Tired of the nerve stretching, blood boiling action games with blood and gore in their graphics? Try out this third-person shooting action game where you get to play as a handsome soldier swooping through numerous levels of non-stop action.

It is a fast, fun, action-packed, visually stunning and easy-to-play game. Aim and shoot with missions full of enemies and entertainment. Eliminate evil forces to restore balance to the world as well as your love life.

Adventure Games

Adventure Games

The games in this category are among the ones that have the most downloads in Google Play only because of their uniqueness and creativity. Here is our choice of adventure genre in the best offline games.


It is amazing how a game released 5 years back can still make it to the best offline games. Badland is a story based game that features a flying creature which you can control with tapping on the screen. You have to guide the creature through obstacles and interact with your surrounding objects in the game.

The game has a dark and artistic interface to it and an ingenious gameplay which makes it stand out from the rest int he category. It also offers a multiplayer mode with support for up to four players. It has a ton of levels and offers an immersive gaming experience.

Alto’s Adventure

It is also an endless runner snowboarding game that provides an amazing experience thanks to its flat graphics aesthetics and gorgeous background music. Not only the game is easy to learn but is also recommended for long-term playability, however, mastering it is quite difficult.

Though the game offers in-app purchases, you can get along fine even without them. Even the game is like most of the other endless runners, the visual experience alone is stunning and worth the download.

Ninja Arashi

Being a 2D sidescroller game, Ninja Arashi resembles with Badland very much but the mechanics of the game are entirely different. It’s based on the story of a Ninja, seeking revenge for his family. The Ninja has to face and kill his enemies in his way through the forest.

The game has 45 levels that leave you nothing less than addicted; craving for another session. Eye-pleasing visual and birds chirping sounds in the forest add up to an incredible gameplay.

Hill Climb Racing

Although its name states otherwise, we’ve placed it in the adventure because, well—it is not actually a racing game since you are not racing with any opponent. However, at first glance, it may seem cartoonish but it is an awesomely addictive physics-based driving game where you face the challenges of numerous unique hill climbing environments.

The game is pure fun. There’s no strategy to think of, there’s no brain-strangling thinking to do and there’s no opponent to compete against. You just have to make sure your car doesn’t topple.

Rayman’s Adventure

It is one of those games that lighten up my mood and whenever I play it. It also comes as a 2D platform side scroll game but has a lot more exciting interface and very colorful gameplay along with the smooth run. You can also play the game with a gamepad if your phone supports such an accessory.

The game took inspiration from its older version played on console but didn’t try to replicate it exactly and has added a lot of unique new movement great enthusiasm and eagerness while playing the game.

Racing Games

Racing games

One of the most popular categories in smartphone games is racing. Here are the best racing games guaranteed for your daily dose of adrenaline rush.

Asphalt 8 Airborne

It is one of the most addictive racing games and one of the best in Asphalt series. The HD graphics and never-ending levels of gameplay can easily get you hooked for hours. I literally lost track of time once while playing this game and eventually ended up draining all my phone’s battery.

You can select and drive the finest of cars and set records. The best part of the game is that you get to enjoy this sensation free and offline.

Real Racing 3

Though Asphalt 8 Airborne is a great game, this one is my personal favorite. Being close to reality is the best thing is this game, hence the name. You get to race on the real world track with real brand cars instead of those shimmering and flashing imaginary supercars you see in other similar games.

The play dynamics are also very reality-based, you can steer the car by tilting your phone. Going off-track or colliding with other cars damage your vehicle and cost penalty while winning races gets you in-game currency which you can spend to modify and enhance your vehicle. It is definitely a must-have for gearheads and people enthusiastic about driving in real life.

CSR Racing

CSR Racing is an explicit drag racing game. You don’t have to worry about steering your drive. All you have to do is change the gear with perfect timing when indicators tell you to make your next shift so you can push across the finish line before your opponent.

Premium currency in the game is used to buy high-end cars and standard currency can be used to buy others, upgrade and modify your vehicle like changing the gearbox, engine, fuel intake and body kits etc.

Red Bull Air Race 2

It really does give you wings as Red Bull says! When we think of a racing game, the first thought to spring into our mind is usually of cars. This game proves that not all racing games are about cars. It’s a high speed, low altitude and exciting flying competition game that is developed by Red Bull.

In the sequel, you get to compete across more than 400 races in your quest to become a Master Class pilot from being just a Challenger. You can even race with actual Red Bull Air Race pilots in three types of tournaments and leaderboards: Class, Regional, and Worldwide. You also do not have to compete alone as you can customize your own team to help you claim victory and go up the leaderboard

Puzzle Games

Puzzle Games

Among puzzle games here are the best games you can download and play without an internet connection.

Cut the Rope Series

Cut the Rope franchise is one of the most popular puzzle games in Google Play. It involves a cut little monster which is just hungry for candy. Your job is to cut a rope and ensure that the candy reaches the monster using different techniques.

Besides amazing and neat graphics, it has a ton of levels to play through. Each game is the series have slightly different mechanics from the others just to break the monotony and keep things fresh. It also doesn’t take up too much space in the storage.


Another addictive puzzle game that has great graphics and the best part is that even with such graphics it only requires 4.75MB space on your disk which is just unbelievable.

The aim of the game is to make the one-eyed robot reach to the red spot by tackling the obstacles in the way. Though it has 50 levels, after some levels, it gets brain twisting difficult.

That Level Again

It is arguably one of the most creative games on play store. This game got us well hooked with its simplistic graphics and head scratching, phone shaking amusement that we experience during the gameplay.

Your job in the game is to get out of the room you are in and as the name suggests, once you get out the same room appears again. So basically you see a single screen throughout the game, a room that you have to escape but interestingly it never gets boring. The only thing that changes during the whole game is the very subtle hints provided in the top left corner on how to solve that specific level.


Rop a beautifully crafted minimal puzzle game with 77 mind-bending levels and a black and white themed interface. The background slow and soothing music is one of the many reasons why we like it already.

In each level, you are presented with a drawn shape within a hexagon and you have to replicate that shape with a rope just below. Though it might not seem difficult, the advanced levels really want to make you pull your hair out.

Brain it On

if you are into physics, you’ll definitely love this. It has a very simple appearance. Each level starts with an objective written across the screen. “draw a shape” or sometimes it could be difficult like “place the ball in the orange box”.

The game definitely requires a lot of patience, depending on how good you are at figuring out these types of physics-based puzzles. Sometimes it can really be frustrating but once you clear a level, you are definitely hooked.

Arcade Games

Arcade Games

Such games are marked by their simple interface, continuous gameplay and increase in difficulty as the game progresses. Here are some of the most popular arcade games


Duet is an interesting and entertaining arcade game. You rotate two balls around an axis and simultaneously avoid falling platforms of various shapes. The free version of the game
comes with the campaign mode, achievements, and some other goodies.
There is also a paid version that includes additional game modes and much more all for $2.99. Though the game came out years ago, it is still one of the most popular arcade games.

Tank Hero

Tank Hero is like a modern-day rebirth of the Tank game from the Atari 2600. But rather than stuffing it up with complexities like long stories and plethora of character,the developers have kept the game incredibly simple and fun to play.

You just have to shoot the opponent tanks down before they do the same to you. In advance levels, your firepower also increases along with an upgrade in the opponent tanks. We particularly liked the simple yet creative color themes used in this game due to which it doesn’t seem so cluttered.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is another most famous arcade game and it is also don’t need an internet connection to play. HD graphics with superb effects make it one of the most addictive games. In this game, you have to slice a maximum number of fruits to get the best store and cross the level.

There are many levels in the game being very easy to learn but hard to master. Just swipe on the screen to cut the jumping fruits but keep an eye out for the bombs camouflaged within. Download it today and get on with your delicious fruit carnage.

Subway Surfers

You might have played this one but since its one of the most popular arcade games, we couldn’t resist including it in the list.

It is an endless runner game, set up in a train yard and on rail tracks where you have to make your way through the gaps between the trains and jumping above them to collect coins avoid being captured.

Since earning coins is easy, you don’t necessarily have to opt for the in-app purchases neither are they thrust upon the users. You can also connect to your social media account to show off your score.

Smash Hit

This is another creative game with amazing sound effects. You just have to clear the glass-made obstacles that come in your way by throwing balls at them. To achieve more accuracy, you’ll need to synchronize and move in coordination with the background music.

It takes a lot of focus and right timing to destroy all the obstacles. Once you are out of balls, the game ends. To improve your gameplay, you a lot of practice it needed. The game, however, is very addictive and doesn’t feel boring even when played for longer periods.