Best Pakistani Songs of 2018 that Will make You Groove

Music and singing are one of the biggest pillars of performing arts. Some people call it food for thoughts and soul while some find it as entertainment. No doubt a good song helps you to tackle anxiety and helps you to get relaxed and enjoy according to your mood.

At MoreNews, music also helps our different teams to focus and boost their creativity from the editorial to videographers and scriptwriters. As 2018 is in its last phase, we thought why not share some best Pakistani songs from the year which really impressed us.

The list is not in the ascending or descending order and never shows the rating of the songs.

Hum Dono by Strings

Khwaab by Kashmir

Meri Dunya by The Sketches

Mein by Meesha Shafi

Thaam Lo by Atif Aslam

Donkey Raja by Shuja Haider

Lagaya Dil by Sajjad Ali

Kabhi by Abbas Ali Khan

Sajna Door by Ali Zafar and Aima Baig

Gandi si Building by Mehdi Maloof

Tiri Pawanda by The Sketches

Kashmakash by Xarb

Musafir by Farhan Saeed and Zenab Fatimah Sultan

Tasveeran by Ali Aftab Saeed

Ilallah by Sounds of Kolachi

Din Dhalay by Bayaan

Pahiya by Faiza Mujahid

Saqi-e-Bawafa by Saakin

Wah Jo Kalaam by Asrar, Shamu Bai, and Vishnu

Tell us how you find this list and if there is any roam for inclusion of more songs. Take liberty in the comments section below and express yourself.

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