Unlock Galaxy S8

Samsung has released its recent flagships and is now available internationally while pre-ordering in Pakistan has also commenced. If you’re thinking about buying an iPhone or Android phone, check out all the news about the upcoming iPhone but we’d suggest you opt for the Samsung Galaxy S8 as it has so many exciting features and an infinite display!

If you’ve already ordered the phone you might be considering what’s the best way to unlock the new Galaxy S8 as Samsung has included five options to do so. Here’s a lowdown on which one’s the best.

Pin Code

Samsung Galaxy S8 Pincode

It’s the most secure of all the ways to unlock any smartphone. It requires the users to add a 4 digit password but can become tiresome if you unlock the phone for over 100 times day as a report suggests an average user unlocks their phone 110 times a day.


Galaxy S8 Pattern

This is the most used way of unlocking the phone by Android users, it requires users to draw a specific pattern by dragging a line over dots on the screen. It’s a bit less secure as people often get a peek at your pattern quite easily.


Galaxy S8 Fingerprint

Unlike many other smartphones that are moving the fingerprint scanner to the front, Galaxy S8 has moved from it from the front to the back. Samsung says it is because of the battery placement that it had to move the scanner up to the top instead of housing it in the middle.

The fingerprint scanner is very fast but needs some adjustment to reach it every time and can be annoying.


Galaxy S8 Iris scan

Samsung now lets you scan your Iris by special sensors at the front to unlock the phone in seconds. It is said to be the most secure way to unlock your phone ever and can also be used for authorizing transactions in Samsung Pay. Users have reported that they have found some difficulty when using the feature in sunlight and low light.

Facial Recognition

Galaxy S8 Face recognition

The front facing cameras can recognize your face to log you in your phone. It has been reported by several users now that this feature can be tricked by a photo although Samsung denies any such report. Experts reveal this is the slowest of all the features available to unlock your new Samsung Galaxy S8.



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