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Best Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan in 2022: Don’t’ Get Trapped

If you are looking for the best web hosting companies in Pakistan for your site that reflects your business, portfolio, or blog, this article will help you find the one you need.

A quality web host is a must “thing” for your site to remain online 24/7.

Whether you are a first-timer – wishing to take your business online – or you want to switch the existing web host for some reason, it’s always tricky to select a new hosting company.

Beware of scam

Soon as you google it to find a list of the web hosting companies to pick the best web host for you, your screen would probably get plagued by several unknown names claiming to be the “best.”

One of the common traits of most of the offerings would be “the cheapest hosting company” in town.

All promising to be the “best web hosting company in Pakistan.”

Trust me, most of them (working in Pakistan) don’t even have their own servers. 90% of them resell an account they bought in bulk and at a much cheaper rate from an international web hosting company.

They usually go for the cheapest web hosting deals designed for resellers. It’s been a business model in practice for nearly two decades in Pakistan.

Only a handful of local web hosting companies own their data centers in the country and abroad and have the ability to host your website.

Having said that, there are a few serious players who, despite reselling hosting accounts, provide a great deal of hosting service to local clients.

They hire raw servers from some reputed international companies that give almost a similar experience as if you buy it directly from a global player.

What to look for in the best hosting company?

Well, it’s obvious that your best web host must offer a deal that isn’t heavy on your pocket. But, this is not the end.

There are features you NEED, even if you have to pay a tad more to see them as part of your hosting plan.

So do your best to understand the web hosting deals and try not to compromise on the following, even if your small site only comprises a few pages.

  • Server technology
  • Sever location
  • Uptime
  • Speed
  • Datacenter location
  • Server security measurement
  • Backup support
  • Signup and renewal price
  • Refund policy

There are different other things you need to get yourself familiar with, but to keep you away from this spadework, we have designed this list of hosting providers who are the best in town.

Don’t be afraid to charge your card

A few years earlier, purchasing web hosting services from international hosting companies was a bit tricky due to limited payment options and less credit card footprint in the country.

It’s a different story today. We have more ways to make payments that web hosting companies accept.

Still, we don’t have PayPal in Pakistan.

No worries, even then, all major hosts have multiple payment tools integrated, including the cryptocurrency.

Secondly, your payment is always safe, and if you buy the service from a known service provider and later decide on a refund, no one would ask questions.

So don’t get afraid to buy hosting from a reputed web host. They won’t eat your money.

Now let’s jump to our list of best web hosting companies.

Best Web Hosting Companies – International

Even if you live in Pakistan and your target audience is from Pakistan and surrounding countries, I suggest going with some of the best international web hosting companies with data centers closer to us. 

That means a nearby server location will give a fast loading speed for the local audience.

Although it’s ideal for hosting a site on a server located within the country, I will explain below why you should first consider an international web host.

Hostinger ($1.99 per month)

Hostinger ranks at the top of our list for being the most reliable web hosting company. Their monthly plan starts at merely $1.99 for a single website, including a free SSL certificate, 30GB SSD storage, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

However, their most popular plan is “Premium Shared Hosting,” for $2.99 per month, allowing support for 100 websites and many other goodies that you don’t find on the basic Single Shared Hosting plan.

Here is a tutorial on “how to install a WordPress site” from scratch on Hostinger.

Geek Storage ($3.19)

Geek Storage is a small but technically advanced hosting company that provides excellent uptime and dedicated customer support at a very cheap rate. For $3.19 a month (Economy Plan), you can host three domains with unlimited storage and bandwidth.

SiteGround ($3.99 per month)

Site Ground is one of the fastest web hosting companies that doesn’t disappoint. Their basic “Startup” plan supports a single website, 10GB of disk space, Free SSL, Daily backups, and Free CDN.

GreenGeeks ($2.95 per month)

They are an eco-conscious web hosting company that runs operations on renewable energy. And apart from this planet-friendly approach, they are good with the loading speed, uptime, and overall performance.

They also start with a “Lite” plan that offers single website support, 50GB of webspace, free SSL, nightly backups, and a free domain for the first year.

Cloudways ($12 per month)

Cloudways is the last one in our list of the best web hosting companies. It is one of our favorites designed for site owners who value independence, speed, and flexibility. 

It’s a managed cloud hosting platform that is more expensive than the rest but gives you the freedom to choose a server type and location and switch them as per your need.

It’s a pay-as-you-go service, meaning you only pay for the days you host your site on their server.

Best Web Hosting Companies – Pakistan

You can hire any of the above web hosting companies, and most probably, you can find a server location near Pakistan.

From my experience, Pakistani web hosts “apparently” put less pressure on your budget, but matching the service quality with an international host is a far cry.

Nevertheless, we have listed some of the well-performing hosting companies in Pakistan that you can consider for your next venture.

  1. Hostingwalay
  2. Server Sea (30 days money-back guarantee)
  3. NextGen Pakistan
  4. PKDomain

Why most hosting companies in Pakistan don’t own servers?

To answer this question is a long debate, but to cut things short, it’s an expensive operation to run in Pakistan.

Data centers require controlled temperature, uninterrupted electricity, a backup power system, and some really sophisticated machines that run faster to boost your site’s speed.

Additionally, these machines need to be secured all the time so that your data remain safe – secure from cyber intruders and any physical accident.

And, a hosting company must provide a top-notch customer support service 24/7. The team must be knowledgeable to handle technical issues and humble enough to serve its clients patiently.

All of the above demand a dedicated effort that is a little expensive at the same time. Only a limited number of web hosts in Pakistan can deliver such a service.

So I would suggest not getting trapped into buying a cheap web hosting service in Pakistan that is available for a few hundred rupees per month. You will bleed for the rest of the contractual period or decide to leave.

To make things easier from the start, go with a hosting company that cleanly communicates with you and offers the desired feature at a competitive rate. Our above list of international best web hosting companies can help you get going.

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