Pakistani financial institutions are on a radar of international criminals as a few months back, HBL was targeted by the hackers and just a couple of days back BankIslami became a victim of cybercrime that resulted in a loss of millions of dollars.

Now Group-IB, a Russian company having expertise in finance-related cybercrimes, has reported an ongoing felony. The online cybercrime monitoring company revealed that digital stolen copies of Pakistani credit and debit cards are being posted at online dark web forums to buy.

“The new dump was continuously published till October 31st and is available for online purchasing from today,” said Group-IB team.

No details have been provided regarding the names of the banks from where cards are being stolen, however, there is a strong chance that it belongs to the multiple banks of the country due to the inadequate security of banks and incomprehension of account holders.

State Bank of Pakistan earlier advised all banks in the country to monitor online transactions and especially the international ones on a timely basis. Moreover, SBP also guided them to report attacks immidiately.

Although many banks have restricted the usage of bank cards online, we strongly suggest people call their respective banks helpline and ask them to deactivate online banking at least for a week.