Bilal Travels slashes Bus Fares; Offers upto 50% Discount

The transport sector is getting more and more completive with time. Especially bus companies are trying to introduce more luxury buses with great facilities at a very reasonable price.

Today Bilal Travels announced variable fares for all routes across Pakistan with a price cut up to 50%. That means a passenger can travel to any city where Bilal Travels operate at a 50% lesser price. Discount will decrease when passenger occupancy increases.

The variable fares are only available online at or This is notable that the move is made after Daewoo Express recently cut 300 Rs on Islamabad to Lahore route to cope up with the increased competition.

Cargo Service

Bilal travels also revealed that they have revamped their cargo services and are now offering free package pickup from your home. While pricing is lower than similar cargo companies.

Bilal Cargo ensures quickest possible delivery with real-time tracking for customers. Currently, free pickup is for Lahore customers only. You can either visit their website or call 0313-7786888 to book your cargo.

Other Features

Bilal Travels entertainment

Not only that, Bilal Travels also revealed that their entire fleet is now on seat entertainment enabled. No other bus company with this big fleet has VOD enabled across all buses. With super luxury “Man” buses and VOD on every seat, Bilal Travels has definitely set a bar very high for other players. Let’s see how other bus companies answer Bilal’s move.

Bilal Travels loyalty card

Another thing they announced today was their loyalty card which not only adds your miles to your card which can be converted to claim free ticket but also offers discount and deals over 1000 locations across Pakistan. That includes restaurants at motorway as well as hotels across Pakistan.

Bilal Travels has emerged as a company that is revolutionizing bus travel in Pakistan with offering variable fares, the state of the cargo, VOD, loyalty card and “Man” Buses.

Overall this healthy competition has greatly benefited general public with better transport options and that too at a lower price. The role of is also commendable that has brought innovation in the transport sector in Pakistan with bringing majority bus companies online.

Bilal travels entire online presence including their e-ticketing is powered by bookme’s platform.

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