Hologram technology Bilawal Bhutto

Pakistani politicians who are wary of technology given the fact that they still use the decades-old voting system are finally embracing its wonders. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Chairman PPP on Sunday will use hologram technology to address in 30 cities at once.

It is impossible for him to be at all places at once and the audio/telephonic address is not as personal as being there in person, so Bilawal Bhutto has found a way to reach out all of its party members in person (conceptually of course).

With the hologram technology, the workers would feel like that their leader was sitting among them and talking to them in person. This address is special for the party as it will be related to the party’s foundation day that will be observed on 30th November.

Bilawal also plans to use the hologram technology during the upcoming election campaign to reach out to the voters or public rallies where he cannot go personally.

Reportedly, the party’s tech experts have already tested the 3D hologram technology in mock sessions. According to Chaudhry Manzoor Ahmad, PPP Central Secretary Information their party will only use the technology for small public gatherings of 2,500 or 3,000 people and not for large public rallies.

This is not the first time we’ll see this technology in action as 92 News is well known for bringing people that are present in another place into its studio using hologram technology.

According to media reports, Imran Khan is also getting ready-to-use hologram technology to address the people at different rallies simultaneously.

This will definitely be the first time for any politician to embrace the world of technology at a vast scale. We know the evolving world of technology can now change the fate of the nations, just recall Panama Paper scandal which was kept alive in Pakistan because of the familiarity of people with the latest tech.

We are not sure about the emergence of Digital Pakistan any time soon but at least our politicians are going digital and that’s a good start.

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