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Black Friday came, it saw, it conquered. Finally, we are into a post-Black Friday era which gives us an opportunity to take off our rose colored glasses and analyze what just happened. If you also woke up confused and broke then don’t panic you’re not alone. Though we were all told before that the mega sale that it is a win-win situation for both the retailers and customers but, was it really?

Since the start of the day, people were lining up figuratively at the online stores to get their desired deals. In our post yesterday; “Black Friday; the Women Clothing Discounts to rule them all” we mentioned that how only a few online stores were stocked with good fashion brands for women and soon the after looking for clothing discounts people realized that way to go online when you can go for retail therapy. Most parts of Lahore were out, and about getting the best deals, they could find on clothing. This behavior was not only depicted by women, but men also proved that the stereotype that women like to shop needs an update.

The promotional offers and discounted prices on products could’ve been observed across many stores but a few feature brands include:

  • Limelight
  • Mausummery
  • needle Impressions
  • Outfitters
  • Gul Ahmed & ideas Pret
  • Alkaram
  • Khaadi
  • Zeen
  • Ego
  • Coco by Zara Shahjahan
  • Pepe Jeans
  • Beech Tree
  • Rang Ja
  • Nida Azwer
  • Body Focus Museum

The behavior observed of both, the customer and the retailer were unique when it came to the Black Friday sale. The retailers wanted customers to avail the promotional offers but shop at their original price and apart from a few brands they were not ready to provide excellent discounts on their best or even second best products.

Take our beloved Khaadi for instance, all the discounts they offered could be found on the “Summer Stock”. Yes, because people will need lawn or cambric collection to keep themselves warm in winter. Why stop there Rang Ja also showed us how discounts are only meant for products that are not needed at the point or even in the coming future.

Limelight’s flagship at MM Alam said to have accomplished their sales target in a very less time. No surprise there as it was 40% off on entire stock. Alkaram Studio and Outfitters also had flat 50% and 30% sale respectively on their entire stock. Also, Logo, the premium footwear brand for men had 50% off on their entire stock and their sale started at 12 pm, ran out of products on display at around 2 pm. They even shuttered down their store and let only a few people in at the time to avoid the hassle.

LOGO Black Friday sale
Shutter Down at LOGO

On the other hand, customers who were just thinking they could save money in the mega sale end up spending an enormous amount through excess shopping. The word discount and sale creates a sense of adventure in our mind where we feel invincible. We think we should stock up on items thinking that we are saving when in fact we’re wasting money.

There were a huge number of people out in the stores looking for generous offers. This spectacle ended up in long queues at the trying rooms and cash counters. Even at some stores especially at Outfitters just standing in the store was an act of courage because my people were not just rushing in but rather they were storming in like east wind.

Shopping Queue at store
Shopping Queue for Black Friday Sale

Also, one more spectacular thing observed at Black Friday was that everyone just loves the sale but are impatient when it comes to waiting for their turn. Men and women trying to cut through lines and using harsh words with the staff were not at all surprising. We somehow have downloaded this information from our birth that if we are paying for something, then this gives us the right to behave like a complete lunatic and demand others to treat us like kings and queens.`

So in conclusion, Black Friday was a roller coaster ride. Though people could find good offers on a few stores doesn’t mean that we should trust every other store at their face value. many of them try to cheat us into thinking that we are getting an expensive product for a lesser price, when in fact, it’s not true. Our stores claim to offer big discounts, but they do not have the heart to offer the real deal. Another important thing also needs to be noted is that we as a nation needs to learn to be patient and polite rather than brute and abusive. We already have so much to worry about with the economy, politics, and cricket why cause someone any more pain.

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