BlackBerry to launch keyboard smartphone

John Chef, CEO of BlackBerry has confirmed in a TV interview with Bloomberg that company is going to launch another Blackberry Keyboard smartphone.

John said, “we have one keyboard phone I promised people”, “its coming.” He further informed that device wouldn’t be only an addition to previous model but it would be totally a new device, ready for release at the end of 2016.

This may help the Blackberry to make a new come back after the long time disappearance from the scene.

According to BlackBerry chief, there are people who still want to go with the BlackBerry devices. New keyboard device, which is scheduled to be released, would be another Android powered smartphone.

Although the Blackberry is one of the pioneers of smartphones, but still it is lagging behind in terms of mobile market share. The already present models in the market like DTEK50 and DTEK60, are not also doing much good to improve the customer base. For instance, the new keyboard smartphone is predicted to bring out good market reputation for the company.

Not many details about specs of new smartphone are available but one can assume on the basis of the BlackBerry Murcury, the last phone rumored to be released by company, that specs would be really a new addition.

Geekbench listed the specs of Blackberry murcury to be asĀ  2.02GHz Qualcom, 3GB RAM with an octa core processor.

There are chances that company would come up with more enhanced apps such as BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) that company aims to set as the competitor of Whatsapp messenger.

Despite, the availability of too many apps and specs, smartphones present serious limitations for those who are not comfortable with a touch pad and still want to continue with a keyboard integrated in their smartphones. This need of customers can act give a strong marketing edge to BlackBerry.


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