Blogging in Pakistan is at the lowest level; Expert reveals the Reason

Being your own boss and write what you want makes blogging look cool but in Pakistan, the trend shows otherwise. In any developing economy, blogging plays a crucial role as it brings about the new voices and opinions sharing insights and providing a new source of debate for people. But in Pakistan, a blogger has to cover more than a few hurdles to get their voice through.

The reason for this falling trend of blogging, the decrease in the number of people who actually like to read. The education system in Pakistan as we all know is creating students who only know how to pass an exam and doesn’t prefer to go anywhere near an actual book (besides their course book of course).

Saad Hamid, a technology entrepreneur, founder of School of Skills and digital ecosystem builder, while talking to MORE at National Freelancing Convention 2017 said that blogging plays a major part in building the economy of a country.

According to him, people are not much inclined towards blogging in Pakistan because people don’t have a habit of reading or writing any content. Saad Hamid right now is focusing more on building an ecosystem and is building a platform, School of Skills, where others can learn the skills to realize their own dreams.

We can open any news site and can see that the major news that has been trending is, of a celebrity or a spicy scandal involving someone’s personal life. The problem any blogger content writer faces is that there is no one to read what they are interested in writing.

Take economy or telecom policies as an example, only a few that are directly related to this field might spend some time but the rest would rather stay ignorant than to waste a few moments on a well-researched content.

If we look at many small blogs in Pakistan especially Urdu ones (let’s not name names), we can see that the major selling point is Spice or Masala. It doesn’t matter if the post has anything significant to offer, but what does matter is how much you can twist a news.

This practice has significantly been reduced after the controversial cybercrime bill was introduced where many of the money making stories can now get anyone in legal trouble. But still many of these sites can be found filled with juicy stories, which seldom are twisted to match their own facts.

Bottom line, the content quality is always dependent upon the reader. There is hardly any market for mature and investigative interest based content and thus, won’t do much good for a writer to invest so much time and effort into building something that is bound to fail.

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