BMW tests world’s first 5G-connected car in South Korea

BMW 5G-connected car

It seems like there are a lot of new technologies being introduced in the auto industry. Recently, the leading companies like Vespa, BMW, and some Chinese companies announced the electric cars, and now, some new reports are coming regarding the modern vehicles. This time, it is BMW – the leading car manufacturing company.

According to the details, BMW is testing the 5G technology on its vehicles. Yes, you heard it right – 5G is going to be introduced in the cars.

The auto giant has collaborated with Ericsson and a South Korean telecommunication network to test the world’s first 5G-connected cars. The analysts are saying that this car would be fully autonomous. In South Korea, BMW tested the 5G-connected cars at a particular demo event.

“BMW Group Korea will closely cooperate with SK Telecom which is a leading company in 5G development in contributing to and realising the future of Connected Car services into the Korean market,” BMW said.

The addition of 5G in its cars might be a part of the company’s strategy to increase the sales of its electric cars in 2017. BMW is the first company to test 5G technology in its vehicles. 5G is an upgraded version of the 4G-LTE technology, and it is not only faster than LTE, but also very cheap.

Although 5G is expected to be launched officially by 2020, some cellular companies in the US and Japan have already started testing the 5G technology, and now the German automaker also appears to add this technology to its future vehicles.

Presently, there are not many details regarding the BMW 5G cars, but we can expect that these cars would be intelligent than the ordinary cars. Recently, Mercedes announced that its driverless cars will always save the occupants in the case of an accident, so we can assume that this technology would provide a safer and better experience for us.

Image: BusinessKorea

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