BMW to increase sales of its electric cars in 2017

BMW Electric Cars

The future of the transport is the electric vehicles. Almost all the transports including the motorcycles, scooters, rickshaws, buses and cars will run on electricity. The leading companies are already getting ready to unveil their electric cars.

Just recently, the famous company Vespa announced that it is all set to introduce an electric scooter. And now, another popular company BMW has said that it wants to increase the sales of its electric cars by next year.

BMW is one of the largest car manufacturing firms; it is great news for the fans of this company that it is planning to enter in the electric vehicles industry. The company has announced that it hopes to increase the sales of its electric cars to by two-thirds to 100,000 as early as 2017. At present, BMW has one electric vehicle, namely “i3” which runs on the battery.

For helping the BMW to compete against the other companies, it increased the battery capacity of this electric car by 50%, Presently, the i3 just accounts for one-quarter of BMW 2017 EV sales. The company hopes to boost the delivery of its electric vehicles by 60,000 in the current year.

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Moreover, BMW wants to increase its shares of electric and hybrid vehicles between 15 percent and 25 percent by 2025.

Just recently, BMW announced that it is witnessing an increase in the demands of its Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) in Pakistan and the company hopes to sell 30% more cars than what it sold in 2015.

The company has also introduced Pakistan’s first charging station in Lahore for the electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

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