Body scanners at Lahore Airport

The government plans to install body scanners donated by Saudi Arabia at Lahore Airports for security concerns. The initiative comes ahead of the recommencement of flights between Pakistan and Uzbekistan.

Although the poppy cultivation in Pakistan has been controlled to a great extent, the country remains the key transit route for smuggling drugs produced in Afghanistan. According to the Narcotics Control Division, over 40 percent of Afghan opiates was smuggled to foreign countries through Pakistan.

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are cooperating against trafficking in narcotics, precursor chemicals, and psychotropic substances. For this purpose, Saudi Arabia has donated three sets of body scanners of total value around Rs.48.2 million to Pakistan, as informed by the Narcotics Control Division to Economic Coordination Committee on June 28.

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The equipment arrived at Karachi airport on April 17 but was waiting for clearance from Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). Moreover, the Arab state has donated three containers to Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) to boost its operational competences.

An official told that the office of Prime Minister had issued directions to ensure that no embarrassing situation emerged for Pakistan because of negligence on the part of the staff and ineffectual operating procedure following the recommencement of flight operations between Pakistan and Uzbekistan.


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