Chinese Language Book Launch in Pakistan

The book to guide all the eager Pakistanis who want to learn the Chinese language is finally here. The book titled “Let’s Learn Chinese together” written by Ms. Nuzhat, head of Chinese language department PCJCCI includes 25 lessons that are created for the beginner’s level i.e. HSK-1 and 2 and also aims to provide pre-advance lessons for the preparation of HSK-3 level.

The Chinese language book, published by Pak-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI), was launched today by Prof. Dr. Nizamuddin, Chairman Higher Education Commission. He appreciated the endeavors of PCJCCI for bridging up the language barrier. Talking about the book he said:

‘I am confident that the students will find this book, the best Chinese language learning book in the market and they will get the colossal benefit and with everything available at one place, students will be able to harvest distinguished results.”

Mr. Wang Zihai, President PCJCCI while addressing everyone at the launching event expressed his appreciation of the interest shown by Pakistani students in learning Chinese language. He said that there were thousands of Pakistani students studying in Chinese institutions, who were facing language barrier in their studies. He hoped that current Chinese language programs being run in Pakistan would help the youngsters take a leap into the future prospects.

Let’s Learn Chinese Together is a book that focuses on preparing students for the HSK system of examination. Ms. Nuzhat, the author of the book, describes Let’s Learn Chinese together as, the best book to buy if you want to connect with the Chinese Civilization by acquiring knowledge of Chinese Language. The book was regarded by her as the collection of her entire language learning experience in China. She said that her book will sufficiently meet the needs of oriental and advanced level Chinese learning.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has open various opportunities especially in fields of trade and Industry. Keeping that in mind TEVTA does offer the Chinese language courses in its different institutions. Learning the Chinese language is helping people overcome language barriers as the purpose of such language programs is to make the already technically skilled labor force of Pakistan more acceptable in the Chinese market. The Price of this book is PKR 250 and it is available from PCJCCI.



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