German based Bosch home appliances to hit Pakistani market soon

Bosch – BSH Hausgeräte GmbH – a German based premium brand has announced that it is looking for potential partners and distributors for launching its wide range of home appliances in Pakistan. It was announced at a media briefing session held in Lahore by company representatives.

Mr. Gokhan Sigin, the CEO of BSH in the UAE stated that Pakistan is world sixth largest country in term of the population where youth dominates in numbers, and it becomes the very attractive business opportunity for Bosch in the short-term as well as long-term.

Gokhan Sigin Bosch home appliances
Gokhan Sigin

“For Bosch, it becomes a very lucrative business proposition and in the coming years, we want to become the number one home appliances brand in Pakistan,” Gokhan asserted who is also responsible for the Middle Eastern and South Asian region.

Bosch is known for its pricey but quality home appliances. However, Pakistan is a price sensitive market where a huge chunk of consumer base relies on affordable Chinese products.

While responding to a question, Gokhan emphatically stated that his company is never going to compete on the basis of price. Rather, our methodology is to meet consumers in Pakistan and show them our high-quality products. Pakistan is the established country, and its consumers are very smart regarding decision making for buying home appliances.

“We can not be knocked out on the basis of quality as we have huge factories, and we know our technical strength. If rivals are providing low-priced products, it means their production line is cheaper than us which is where we defeat them”, Gokhan further asserted.

“I can see most expensive cars on the roads in Pakistan which clearly suggest that people have an appetite for quality products as well. It is secondary that they are expensive”, he shared his observation.

For keeping its brand exclusive and premium, Bosch plans to open flagship stores in the major cities of Pakistan. The company wishes to open at least three stores in every major city in the country.

To a question about the after sales service, Gokhan responded that he planned to start his operation from the end.

“After sales service is the foremost things for us and we are very clear about it. We will ensure that our business partners provide the best after sales services to our customers in Pakistan”. He added.

Our early impression is that Bosch does not wish to sell its home appliances to everyone, rather, it plans to reach the right people, which clearly indicates that there is not going to be an aggressive rivalry with major Chinese brands of likes Haier, Orient in the coming months.

Future Investment Plan

Gokhan talked about his future plans but remained cautious about sharing detail on opening an assembly line in Pakistan. Rather he shared his plans for the first three years.

“To start an Investment, the business should first see its future and should learn about the country in a better way. The first phase is always listening to the market, and you cannot listen to it when you are far away. So by having the consumer in the country, we will have the connection. And as I said, in all countries there is a direct investment, and it should come here as well. Otherwise, the business is not sustainable. So, it is the game of few years only, and we have to become local as soon as possible”.

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