Boxer Hayat Achakzai: the low lying rumble

Hayat Achakzai

Do you know Hayat Achakzai? No? World over, sports like tennis and football have taken over. In Pakistan, the trend started with hockey, squash and now finally cricket. Throughout this cycle, boxing has never garnered much attention. Mohammad Ali’s lively personality put boxing in the limelight. Yet, we have champions that have represented Pakistan on so many International platforms, winning Gold medals.

One such sportsman is Boxer Hayat Achakzai from Quetta. Starting his career in 1994 at the tender age of 11, Hayat Achakzai went on to earn the Gold Medal in National Games (2004) along with various other medals to his name. He participated in the President Cup in 2005 in Indonesia and earned Silver Medal amongst 44 countries and a Bronze Medal in the Common Wealth Games.

Throughout the years, his training, dedication and hard work paid off as he not only remained a part of the WAPDA team, but also got opportunities to represent Pakistan on several occasions in the international arena. He again won Gold at the National Championship in 2011.

Such champions need to be acknowledged, for they contribute towards Pakistan’s positive image. Hayat Achakzai is now a 33-year-old, proud father of 4 who runs a small shop and still contributes to his favorite sport and society by coaching the same WAPDA team he once played for. With minimalist incentives and without any perks he strives to live his passion and be a responsible Pakistani citizen.

All this accomplishment and talent was polished in bare facilities, with limited access to coaches and rigorous training sessions. Most of our athletes become who they are through pure self-motivation, perseverance in the face of adversity and hard work. Baluchistan could produce athletes with great capabilities but unfortunately there is no proper system to polish the skills of the young ones.

Despite the current outlook, Hayat Achakzai still considers himself quite fit and his ambition is to make it to the Al-Fajar cup in Iran or to a boxing championship in Australia.

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