Don’t Buy a Branded TV Until You Read This; It Could Be Fake

Fake TV in Pakistan are being sold

Is your TV fake? Don’t be shocked because yes, the branded TV that you’ve recently bought can be a fake.

The rapid growth of the television industry in Pakistan has brought many people forward with the malicious intent of making money through illegal means. These people are skilled at manufacturing counterfeit TV’s and LED’s with spare parts and local machinery. They also decide on using famous brand names without the permission of the intellectual property owner which is not just illegal but highly unethical as well.

These fake TV’s and LED’s are sold at low prices as they do not go through the process of paying the cost of producing a genuine television as spare parts are used. Also, there aren’t any tax duties attached to the product, making it a cheaper alternative. The shop owners then sell these TVs to unsuspecting customers, making money from the product that wasn’t worth much in the first place.

The recent technological advances in the world of television have brought forward new features in the latest TV models. Smart TV, bendable LED’s, etc. are now popular among people and 40-50 percent price difference attracts the buyer to opt for the fake TV or LED rather than one manufactured by a genuine brand. The price sensitivity in Pakistan leads the consumer into believing that they are buying a good product cheap, whereas, in reality, they’re buying a cheap product at a higher rate.

These fake TVs pose a serious threat as with issues like product malfunctions; the consumer has no legal ground to claim damages. The ease of doing such illegal business shows the failure of the regulatory controls, which barely protect the people. To prevent yourself from falling for such a scam, always chose to buy official products by the company’s authorized shops.

Sadly, such businesses are a common practice in this country. We can see illegal products sold by the shop owners and repainted used mobile phones sold to the unsuspecting customers in our everyday lives.

Recently, law enforcement agencies raided Peshawar Electronics in Gujranwala and confiscated TV’s and LED’s ranging from the sizes between 40 to 60 inches, and also conducted another raid at ‘M.W Electronics in Daroghawala, Lahore. It is about time that regulatory agencies wake up to realize the horrors of such business practices.

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