Brands partnering with Yayvo on Black Friday 2016

After the huge success of Chinese online shopping festival “Double Eleven,reaching” all eyes are now on Black Friday 2016. Since in Pakistan, now the hype to reach at zenith after aggressive efforts of yayvo in this perspective.

Yayvo is celebrating Black Friday this year for the first time and by the time it has announced its entry in Black Friday 2016 event, it has got tremendous responses from brands and partners. Following are the details of some of these Brands:

With over 15 million monthly visitors, Hamari web has announced its exclusive partnership with yayvo regarding digital media alliance.

Dove has declared its exclusive partnership as a beauty premium brand with Yayvo on this Black Friday to help all women realise their personal beauty potential by creating products that deliver real care.

FM 107 Karachi also pronounced its exclusive partnership with on this black Friday. The channel has chosen yayvo for partnership for building back the trust of online shopping in Pakistan. which is recently launched for installation works has announced its exclusive partnership with yayvo only on this Black Friday by considering it as the best Online shopping platform in Pakistan.

In past few years, Foodpanda has become one of the prominent brands in Pakistan. In the journey of this success, Foodpanda has considered yayvo as best partner in delivering the same vision and quality. Foodpanda is the official food partner on this black Friday of Pakistan by yayvo.

Apart from these, there is a huge list of Brands which is hard to cover here. Some of the big names are Shariq, Unze lONDON, Puca, Zeen, Uniliver, PS4, Tommy Hilfiger, XBOX Console, Black n Decker and much more.

With such a list, commitment, partnerships and interests, this is evident sign that this year Black Friday in Pakistan is dedicated to Yayvo which is about to make a history, A History of celebrating Black Friday in Pakistan. So if you have not subscribed to Yayvo’s Black Friday, you can do it by clicking here.


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