Who break Traffic Laws the most in Pakistan, Find out

Challan served for breaking Traffic Laws

The traffic laws are broken the most by the motorbike riders as more than eighty thousand challans were served to the motorcycle riders in just one month.

Around eighty thousand fines were imposed on motorcycle riders by Traffic Police Lahore among which thirty-eight thousand were due to not wearing a helmet and more than six thousand motorcycle riders were fined for being underage.

Also, eight thousand riders were fined for breaking traffic signals and eight thousand seven hundred motorbike riders were served challan for One Way violation. Apart from these traffic violations,53 riders were also fined for rash driving and 4 were penalized for one wheeling.

Violation of traffic laws in Pakistan is becoming a common norm, where most people don’t consider it a crime anymore. Last year, the Punjab government decided to strengthen the traffic rules by increasing the fines for the traffic rules violation. PKR 100 was increased on fines related to traffic rules violation by motorcycles.

Last year, the government also approved that 40 percent amount of the challans will be given to the City Traffic Police (CTO) and 15 percent of the amount will be served as the prize to the wardens and the officials who perform very well and work hard.

There is a need for educating people about the traffic laws, so they can understand what they aren’t supposed to do. The Punjab government has already decided to include traffic education and safety rules and regulations as a course subject in private and public institutions which can further teach children about right and wrongs while using the roads.

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