Budget 2018-19 child abuse

The government of Pakistan under the proposed Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) in budget 2018-19 has allocated Rs. 24.217 million to establish a Cyber Patrolling Unit, reports Express Tribune.

Earlier this year, the government looking at the increased cases of child abuse and pornography planned to create Cyber Patrolling Unit in the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

The Cyber Patrolling Unit will cost the government around Rs. 54.217 million. The unit was approved by Departmental Development Working Party (DDWP) on January 16, 2018. The Ministry of Interior also approved the PC-1 of the project in February 2018.

In the recent months, the media has highlighted the menace of child abuse and pornography which presents a quite horrific picture of how far we have fallen in providing safeguard and justice to the people of this country.

Reportedly, the new unit will comprise of 40 members which will have one director-level official which will have the authority to independently investigate the matter.

Previously, FIA revealed that Punjab is ahead of other provinces when it comes to child pornography cases in Pakistan and uploading the prohibited images on the internet. The Cyber Patrolling Unit will be integrated with the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and will be equipped with the latest software.

Moreover, the unit will also be engaged in online patrolling to secure Pakistan from cyber threats and will also have the authority to work on the complaints related to sexual abuse cases. It will also have the power to investigate and make arrests in child trafficking cases.

The proposed budget 2018-19 though allocates money to fight this issue, it is to be seen whether it again a batch of empty promises or we’ll see some accountable changes in future.

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