Hajj 2019 is the most expensive one this year. The PTI government refused to grant any budget subsidy to the Pakistani pilgrims which created panic among millions of citizens.

The prices for government package have gone up by more than one hundred thousands. Pilgrims belonging to northern areas will pay Rs. 438,000 whereas people from southern Pakistan will pay Rs. 426,000 this time.

However, to ease down the situation, the association of tour operators has designed a budget package for pilgrims which they are calling Aziziya Hajj 2019 package.

The association claims, they will charge Rs. 380,000 to each pilgrim but their quality will be at par with the government’s package.

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The government increased prices of Hajj 2019 on the basis of higher taxes and rising dollar prices that touched the highest level ever in the country.

The associate of tour operators will announce the package officially on Monday in Islamabad.

The federal government has the quota of 60% of the Hajj pilgrimage while the registered private tour operator take care of 40% of the quota.

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