Keep your Phones Alive, Buses now have Mobile Charging Sockets

USB Charging Service in Bus

The dying battery of your smartphone is enough reason to have a mini heart attack, as our everyday lives now depend on the gadget. The more sophisticated the smartphone, the more quickly it will drain out unless you have a powerful power bank for mobile charging with you at all times.

mobile charging in Tokyo Bus
USB charging service in a Tokyo Bus

Japan, with its buses fitted with USB charging mounts, is here to answer the prayers of the smartphone users. The new service is being tested on one bus in the Tokyo area where the commuter can recharge their phone or tablets while using the public transport.

There is no formal announcement from the Japan’s Bureau of Transportation about if or when more buses will get the new USB charging service. The new service on the test bus is being provided free of charge, with five wall-mounted charging stations present on the bus.

This is not the first time USB charging has been introduced in the buses, as previously a few buses in London and Singapore also witnessed USB charging ports.

London with the introduction of its new electric buses last year gave the added bonus of charging the smartphones during their commute while saving the environment.

Around the same time, buses with USB charging port also rolled out in Singapore where the ports are located near the inner seats of each row to encourage commuters to take these seats. Each bus is said to have 41 USB charging ports and will also be made available at the wheelchair bay on wheelchair-accessible buses.

The public buses equipped with mobile charging service is a welcome thought to us all, as one can save their dying phone and reach their desired destination at the same time. Maybe with the massive inflow of Metro Buses for feeder routes, we can get to see the same service in the future.

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