The physical and online worlds of retail business have started to merge together. Mobile and e-commerce technologies have made a huge place in the lives of the consumers and have changed their store-centric approach to the possibility of shopping at any time of the day from any part of the world.

Recently, virtual reality has created quite a generous amount of buzz globally due to its near realistic and futuristic appeal to our senses. In Pakistan, e-commerce industry has started to gain momentum and recently a new e-commerce web site is the first store to adopt virtual reality concept in the country.

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How it actually works?

You have a busy schedule but and need to buy groceries? Well, at one point in time we have all faced this dilemma but thankfully the online store offers groceries by Unilever. So, if you are not a fan of Unilever products, well then there is bad news for you, try the actual store for a change.

The e-commerce site has collaborated with the RetinaVR where they have created a virtual reality Unilever store for the consumers where they have to choose and select their desired product to be taken towards another page that outlines the details and price of the said product.

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The site offers around 22 brands under the Unilever umbrella and the users can also avail additional discounts if they shop via cards of Standard Charter, UBL, and Meezan Bank.

Though in concept it all sounds wonderful, in reality, the site still needs a lot of work and adjustments to make it more appealing and attractive for the customers. We thus suggest following additions that can help better the VR experience for the user.

  • All Unilever products should pop in the VR tour as only some do and it is hard selecting the different variants in the tour
  • The VR environment should include objects in 3D to give a more realistic approach and also so that the customers can see the products and read the details on any products’ back
  • They should enhance the overall picture quality of the racks and that of the products as many are blurry and thus a major turn off
  • The site should consider providing an online assistance that can help people to navigate the store.

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