Qmobile Q3310

As of now, Nokia 3310 hasn’t hit the shelves in Pakistan since it was announced in February 2017 at mobile world congress, but QMobile has surely made an attempt to take advantage of this delay. After all the only company Nokia has to compete in the lower end category is undoubtedly the Q however, the middle-end category offers several other brands.

The company has recently delivered the stock of Q3310 to its dealer network which is moving across the country. However, the question is what lies in a bar phone which only costs Rs. 1,900 and Rs. 5,500 for Nokia 3310.

Apparently, it’s more like a marketing gimmick for both of them as neither of them wants to rely on their lower end feature phones anymore. QMobile already sells a considerable number of smartphones. However, Nokia has yet to showcase its Nokia 3,5 and 6 in Pakistan. Though, they are launching in India today, whereas, in Pakistan, they might hit anytime in next two weeks as no fixed date has been communicated yet by the company.

The resurrection of Nokia 3310 was a well-planned move from the company for creating a global shout without spending a penny, and it went well for them. The whole world stormed to see the little old fella and commemorated the beast that was probably the first phone for many of us when we started using a mobile.

Just recently we also came across a Dubai-based designer who imprinted Nokia 3310 on one of its designs, and it was all meant to promote the brand

How many of us would buy it today for a price where a couple of Android filled smartphones stand in between is a question. Nokia tells that the response is overwhelming and the orders are humongous which is why QMobile wanted to steal the show with its little Q3310 before Nokia starts delivering the stock. 

Interestingly, the design of Q3310 is similar to what Nokia 3310 was in its glory days. This definitely confirms what QMobile is thinking. And by the way, we have already seen dozens of replicas of 3310 in other parts of the world which compels us to believe that this is what Nokia wanted – A Free Publicity.  Ever since we talked to them to know their plans, they are highly motivated for their smartphones, and at MORE we think, they wouldn’t mind other to copy a ‘name’ which is actually promoting them directly or indirectly before even they are here with the stuff.

Which one of them will sell more numbers, only the coming weeks will confirm, but we can see how both of them differ?

Features of Nokia 3310 and Q3310



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