Want to buy or sell pets? Paaltu is an online store you needed

Love the pets? Here is an online portal for you where you can satisfy your passion for pets. Paaltu.pk is a startup under the umbrella of Plan9 Technology Incubator which officially launched its website on 24th May 2017.

The portal was inaugurated by Qaiser F. Ansari (CEO at Pantera Energy and former General Manager at Ittefaq Group). Mr. Ansari asserted that the basic concept of the business was unique in itself because it catered to a major chunk of the society which wants to buy and sell pets online.

Paaltu.pk is a new step forward for the pet industry in Pakistan as it would enable people to buy and sell animals online. The startup goes by the motto “Buy a Paaltu, Sell a Paaltu, Adopt a Paaltu”! Anyone who wants to sell an animal or is in the business of selling pet animals can post an ad on this platform and can easily reach an audience, interested in buying the pet.

The website is uncluttered by design and is easily navigable by the average user. The main page has a search bar which allows users to look for the pets they would be interested in, along with various filters, to narrow downs the search to city, livestock, breed, and price.

team of paaltu
Team of Paaltu

The website isn’t simply to buy and sell pets; it wants to connect the pet owners’ community with the pet industry. For this, the website features an advertisement option. Anyone can run an ad on this pet site to sell pets, the ad should list the basic details of the animal they want to sell, and the users can easily view this by clicking on the ads tab.

Once a customer decides to buy, he/she simply has to login to connect with the buyer. The website features and password-less signup system, so the audience simply need to enter their mobile number or signup through their Facebook accounts.

The event was also attended by Mr. Zaeem Yaqoob Khan (Director Student Affairs and External Relations at BNU) along with a large number of people from the Pet industry.

Umair Jaliawala, from the School of Leadership, contributed to the campaign by explaining what the startup aims to do through a video message.

Paaltu.pk’s CEO, Umer Baig, mentioned that the startup would be launching a digital system on their portal which would ensure that the breed and health of the animal are up to the mark as stated by the seller, giving the buyer the confidence to go ahead with the purchase without a worry. Through this development, Paaltu.pk hopes to put an end to any kind of fraud in the pet market. He further stated that Paaltu.pk’s core strength lies in its keen and dedicated team.

Dr. Umar Saif, Chairman Punjab Information Technology Board, wished them all the best in their future endeavors:

“Startups like Paaltu.pk prove that there’s no limitation to integrating technology with issues we face in our daily lives. We all know of various online sites where buying and selling of pets take place, but most of the times it is the hassle of verification of the breed of the pet that keeps us from buying it. But Paaltu.pk has made pet verification along with the buying and selling of it, just a matter of click. I wish the co- founders all the best for their future endeavors.”

You can visit the portal and give your feedback on how do you rate it.

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