Buying a used phone? Wait! Watch This Video

Are you short on budget and want to buy a used mobile phone which looks like a new one? If yes, then do you know that your mobile phone or laptop can be a repainted one? Shocked? Well, you should be.

In several main cities of Pakistan, there are many businesses dedicated to repainting used mobile phones and laptops. These businesses are mostly hidden from the eyes of the common people. The paint used in such repaint jobs is similar to the car paint which takes longer to dry up in winter, thus, the workers se hair dryers to quickly dry up the wet paint.

The used mobile phones and laptops are repainted in order to look brand new.

A repaint increases the value of a phone by approximately PKR 5000 to PKR 8000 or more, depending upon the price range of a mobile phone. While talking to a Waqas, a worker at the repaint shop it was revealed to MORE that a shopkeeper can paint up to 30 phones in a single day. Waqas who has been working in Hafeez Centre for 8 years, further explained that it takes around 6 years for a “shagird” (apprentice) to learn this skill.

Before starting the repaint process, they use paper tapes to cover the screen, headphone, charger jack and any other place that does not need to be painted.  The workers are very skilled at preserving the mobile phones so the unwanted areas are not painted or harmed.

It takes around PKR 200 to repaint mobile phones or laptops.

95% of their clients involve the mobile sellers, who then sell the repainted mobile phones or laptops to unsuspecting customers. Many of these workers are also skilled at engraving the logos of different brands on used laptops

It is not easy to recognize the paint job as only a skilled guy can realize that the phone or laptop is repainted. So, before buying a used mobile phone or a laptop make sure to rub it or try to scratch a bit to see if the body has been repainted or not

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