We are seven months into 2017 and with every passing day, we are coming across various smartphone brands that are trying their hardest to distinguish their phones from the rest.

At Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 we go to see the flagship devices by Huawei, LG, Sony and since then we have witnessed the launch of Samsung S8 and S8+ and Oneplus 5.

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While Apple and Nokia have yet to unveil their new flagship smartphones, it is safe to say that we will soon be done with the big releases (yes, I haven’t forgotten about Note 8 but it comes into a phablet category so let’s just move on).

Now the buzz of MWC has died down, enabling us to better review the smartphones after an extensive use. It has been four months since I got my hands on Huawei P10, the flagship smartphone of the Chinese company and after an extensive use, let’s see whether it is still a relevant smartphone or an obsolete one.

The Good

Before I start complaining about Huawei P10, let’s just start with the features that still warms up my heart like a cup of coffee and a good book.


Huawei P10 back

One of the things that made me instantly fall in love with Huawei P10 was its gorgeous design. Yes, from the looks of it, the smartphone slightly resembles iPhone 7 but if you hold the two phones closely, you’ll notice that Huawei has done a good job in making the design better than the Apple’s last year flagship.

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P10 has smooth round edges that give a premium look to the smartphone and let’s not forget about the funky color range the consumers can choose from. I happen to own Huawei P10 in Dazzling Blue and yes it looks simply majestic. The hyper diamond cut finish of the smartphone makes it a wild dream as one simply don’t have to worry about fingerprint smudges anymore.


Huawei P10 camera

We have previously reviewed and covered the camera of Huawei P10 on our site but if you want an advice of a person who has lived through the Leica lens of the smartphone, the camera is hands down the best feature of the smartphone.

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Huawei P10 rocks a 12-megapixel camera for regular shots and a 20-megapixel sensor dedicated to monochrome imaging. As always, Leica optics haven’t disappointed us as the pictures taken by the smartphone can stand tall among those taken by a DSLR camera.

The 8MP front facing selfie camera is also amazing especially because of the Bouquet effect which enables the user to have an artistic look by blurring the background. One of the coolest features of the selfie camera is that it can detect when a lot of people are stuffed in a single selfie and thus can itself expand the shot to include everyone.


Many people around the globe desire a large screen that can easily be held in a palm and kudos to Huawei for making this a reality. P10 features a 5.1 inches screen display and while it is smaller than many other flagship smartphones in the market, it is a perfect fit for me.

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Huawei P10 due to its perfect size is easy to hold, unlike many giant sized phones which can hardly fit in our pocket. You can easily carry it to listen to music while riding in a public bus in scorching heat and rest assured it will not tire your hands. Also, its size enables the user to use the smartphone with a single hand, which for me is one of the most important things in a phone.

Fast Charging

Do you also forget to charge your phone at night and end up plugging it in the morning, minutes before you leave for work? If yes, then like me you’ll love Huawei P10.

It takes around one and half hours to charge the phone from 0-100% of battery and in just 30 minutes it can provide 40-50% of charging, which can actually complement the busy lifestyle of the current generation.

The Bad

Looking at the above features, Huawei P10 looks like a prince charming of the smartphones but sorry to burst your bubble it has some bad qualities too that can put off many users.

Battery Life

As I have narrated above, Huawei P10 features super fast charging but sadly the battery life of the smartphone makes me want to scream my lungs out.

Huawei P10 packs a 3200 mAh non-removable Li-ion battery which simply put don;t last too long after a strenuous use. For me, the smartphone is the remote control of my life. From work to managing my social and family life, the smartphone has to carry out various operations round the clock for me to have functioning relationships and P10 has disappointed me so far.

On a full charge, Huawei P10 last for more or less 4 hours given that I am using mobile data and using various mobile apps in that time. For a regular user, it might not present any major problem as it lasts the work hours when it’s not used vigorously.


Huawei P10 speakers

If you want to experience better sound quality or groove on a beat, I suggest that you should plug in your headphones as the speakers are kind of a letdown. Unlike our expectations, Huawei P10 is not equipped with stereo front-facing speakers and surely do not provide BoomSound quality audio.

Sometimes, the voice and the volume sounded different from song to song which ultimately became the cause of frustration and public meltdown for me. Let me make it clear, I am not saying that the speakers suck but from a flagship device, I simply am expecting stereo speakers that can make me want to play music without the headphones.

Water and Dust Proof

We live in 2017 people when water resistance and dust proof feature should be a must thing for the flagship smartphones but Huawei P10 disappoints us in this front as well. Now I have to be ultra careful with my phone to ensure that I accidentally don’t spill water on the screen or worse drop it in the bath tub.

Now I have to be ultra careful with my phone to ensure that I accidentally don’t spill water on the screen or worse drop it in the bath tub. Doesn’t Huawei know anything about millennials? Please!

No FM Radio Reciever

I get it that we now have many apps that connect us to the music around the world and also lets us listen in to the most interesting podcasts but sometimes we just want to hang back and listen to the local radio station but Huawei has stripped us of this honor.

Huawei P10 lacks FM radio receiver which means I cannot listen in to my favorite radio station while commuting to work which is simply fantastic (satire alert).

Knuckle Sense Technology

Using knuckle sense technology on Huawei P10 is more like a hit and trial method. While simple tasks like taking a screenshot, using music app and launching screen recorder are easy but completing other tasks like using split screen feature in third party apps is quite annoying.

Everyday Glitches

Apart from the above mentioned major issues with the Huawei P10, I also experienced a few minor glitches while using the device on the regular basis.

WhatsApp, the messaging platform that helps me stay connected to people become a nuisance with P10 where I have to run a phone cleaner several times to enable smooth testing experience. Sometimes, while switching between different mobile apps, the smartphone’s keyboard becomes unresponsive, forcing the user to shut down the app and try again.

Huawei P10 Phone Manager

Using phone manager to clean the caches in the phone is no doubt good for its health but then we also have iPhone who doesn’t offer any such feature as the company doesn’t believe in slowing down of mobile applications.

Furthermore, while listening to a phone call the display sometimes doesn’t go dark and ends up messing with us by opening various applications.

Final Verdict

Four months have passed by since I first get my hands on the Huawei P10 and after the initial fan girl moment, I would say that the journey has not been a smooth sail. Like other flagship phones in the market, P10 sure had its ups and downs but it remains persistence in the face of difficulties.

One of the off putting thing about Huawei P10 is that there isn’t something new for the users. This year we have seen a 4K display in Sony Xperia XZ premium, Dolby vision in LG G6 and a gorgeous infinity display in Samsung Galaxy S8 but P10 failed to wow us on the innovation front.

Apart from the Leica camera, there isn’t much wow factor that can compel us to spend the same amount of money as we often spend on flagship smartphones. The newly launched Honor 9 offers almost the same experience with the exception of Leica optics with a comparatively low price tag.

So my final verdict will be; Huawei P10 is one of the best smartphones by the Chinese smartphone brand and if you can live with the above-mentioned woes like me, then go ahead splurge on this device, surely you won’t regret it.