Pakistani security agencies receive 90% prank calls

A prank call is always a means of annoyance anywhere in the world, but for Pakistani Security agencies, it has ridiculously become a pain in the neck.

Statistics of different security agencies reveal that it is a normal business matter to receive a prank call now and then.

“Would you like to be my friend? Can You Please deliver a Pizza at my home? Do you have contact information on this and that celebrity?” All these are very common questions asked by the pranksters who keep making fun of Police.

According to a District Police Officer of Hafizabad, Haroon Joya, Police has to deal with 90% of Prank Calls. This number is less shocking than Lahore where percentage amounts up to 98%.

It is very usual for Police, to deal with prank calls on a daily basis. People are facilitated to lodge complaints from the ease of their homes or call the police for getting help, but they use such facilities to make a fool of respondents and entertain themselves.

It is not only about the Police department that has to deal with pranksters.  Rangers, NACTA, Rescue 1122 and Call Center operators also have to face such calls more frequently.

Somehow, Rangers are more unfortunate in this regard as they have to face every such call more often through other media such as WhatsApp. To provide people with timely assistance in case of emergency, Rangers had launched WhatsApp helpline.

Rangers officials are of the opinion that they can’t block such numbers that are frequently involved in Prank calls. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be accessed easily in case of an actual emergency.

According to another revelation, the Rescue 1122 had received more than 9000 fraudulent calls that were untraceable.

National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) has a significant role in taking swift action for any mistake filed on behalf of citizens. Pranksters do not spare even this authority. Given frequent Prank Calls received by NACTA, the body has warned to block the callers and public their names, if such situation persists.

Regular prank calls received by Police, Rangers, and NACTA, have made the conditions very enigmatic for these security institutions too. They can’t decide whether the citizens are on their side to combat the war and terror or not.

As the option of blocking prank caller is ruled out, the only way to deal with the issue is by spreading awareness and educating the masses. There is a strong need to communicate the importance of a combined effort to deal with terrorism and make law and order situation better. This outcome is feasible only when both the citizens and security agencies join hands and cooperate with each other.

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