Can FIA Arrest DIG Police Who Violated Cybercrime Law?

FIA registered the FIR three months ago but still has failed to make an arrest

FIA cybercrime law

Three months after registering a case against DIG Gilgit-Baltistan on the basis of Cybercrime Law, Junaid Arshad, FIA still hasn’t made an arrest for his alleged involvement in a cybercrime.

Earlier this year, Ayesha Subhani, the ex-wife of the DIG registered an FIR with the cyber crime wing of FIA against her former husband who allegedly with the help of his friend Danish Ghani blackmailed her by uploading her objectionable pictures on social media.

Last month, he was suspended from his post owing to the severity of the allegations and after the rejection of his bail plea from the court the mighty FIA still hasn’t been able to get their hands on the accused, reports Rauf Klasra on his show Muqabil.

Previously, after repeated summons, Junaid Arshad failed to appear before the investigative agency and now the cyber crime wing is reportedly hesitating to make an arrest because he wear’s a police uniform and is high in rank than any other officer in the FIA’s cyber wing.

Cybercrime Law was never considered a perfectly drafted legislation but until now we have seen a few cases where the victims have received justice for the wrongs that they have suffered.Alas, this situation further gives way to the belief that laws are just for the poor and not for the powerful.

Cybercrimes, with the inclusion of internet, are growing out of proportion where despite the introduction of new legislation last year the authorities have received 1612 cybercrime related complaints in Punjab only.

Looking at the circumstances FIA needs to rethink whether they want people to seriously step forward and seek justice for with their help or wait till the institutions consider the law equal for everyone in the country.

If you’re a victim of cyber harassment in Pakistan, you can seek help from the helpline created by the Digital Rights Foundation. Click here to know more about how they can help.

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