You can now register Easypaisa Mobile Account from any SIM

Easypaisa Mobile Account from any SIM

Easypaisa has introduced two new features designed to bridge the financial inclusion gap in Pakistan: the first telco ‘Other Mobile Operator’ interoperability through SMS based transactions for feature phone users and a smartphone app for smartphone users- together the two features mean that everyone in Pakistan regardless of their Operator’s SIM can now open the Easypaisa Mobile Account and operate it via any of the widest available channels of their choice including App, SMS, USSD or phone banking.

The Easypaisa app enhances the experience of using Branchless Banking services by folds. It enables users to send money to any CNIC in Pakistan or into any account, be it branchless or traditional banking account, utility with extreme ease.

Similarly paying the utility bills service company in Pakistan or buying any operator’s airtime is now a much more user-friendly and faster experience. For non-smartphone users, the SMS-based transaction experience is as fast, slick and user-friendly as the previously used USSD experience was – this completes the full range.

Through the Easypaisa App and SMS based Other Mobile Operator interoperability, the company is providing anyone in Pakistan regardless of their telco Operator’s SIM not only enhanced functionality and freedom to opt for Easypaisa as their preferred mobile money account, but also a choice of interface amongst the many channels that we offer.

This unparalleled convenience and accessibility will eventually translate into financial inclusion for an ever increasing number of subscribers.

Easypaisa Mobile Account’s convenience and accessibility have made it one of the most traditional bank accounts in Pakistan with over almost 2 million active subscribers.

In many rural areas of Pakistan, it continues to be the only banking option available. Easypaisa Mobile Account allows the customer to send, receive, or save money, pay their utility bills, buy any mobile network’s airtime, pay online, get insurance and more. Easypaisa empowers customers with multi-channel and user-friendly interfaces, offering a choice between USSD, phone banking, ATM, SMS service and the Easypaisa App.

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