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Facebook Messenger now supports sharing the files instantly from Dropbox account. Without exiting the Messenger app, you can now share files from Dropbox with your Facebook friends. The new feature is available on the latest upgrade of the Messenger app for both the Android and iOS-based smartphones.

As people are moving towards online file storage services, the way how people share files is also changing. People now need messaging apps that allow them to share anything from their cloud storage without having to leave the chat.

How will it work?

Facebook is aware of the situation that is why it has linked Dropbox to its Messenger app. Previously, to share a file from Dropbox, the user had to leave the Messenger app, log in to their Dropbox account, download the file he wants to share, and then launch the Messenger app again to share the file.

But from today, when you hit the “More” option in Facebook Messenger app, it will display “Dropbox” on the list.

The user can share images and videos directly from the Dropbox account by using Facebook Messenger and they will show up in the conversations.

Other types of files can also be shared, but the recipient will just receive the Dropbox link of the shared file

To use this new feature, you will need to install Facebook Messenger app and Dropbox app.

Facebook Messenger has launched many brand new features this month including Bot Store, Messenger Codes, and Greetings. The company has just announced that its messaging app is now being used by 900 million users globally.


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